The internet has evolved at a maddening pace and people have been more connected to each other in the last decade.

Apart from conversations, there were a lot of trends and challenges that became popular.

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That’s why it wasn’t shocking to see a new one emerge in every few months. 

Remember the ice bucket challenge? That was just the beginning. 


Here we bring you the best trends of this decade in case you’ve forgotten a few amongst so many others. 

1. In my feelings / Kiki Challenge (2018)

We start from the Kiki challenge because of how popular it became despite being in the public domain for less than 2 years. 

People uploaded videos of them dancing to Drake’s In my feelings, a song that had just released then. 
When people met accidents and mishaps, the police had to issue an advisory against it.

2. Planking (2011)

Probably one of the more difficult, yet funny, challenges on the list – Planking – meant lying face down, with both arms by your side, in the most unusual public spaces. 

Australian pro rugby player David Williams did it first in 2011 and since then the challenge found more takers worldwide. 


3. The Ice Bucket Challenge (2014)

Probably the first successful and viral challenge on the internet, the ice-bucket challenge was started to spread awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 

Eventually, stars, politicians and people from all walks of life started posting videos to support the cause.

4. Gangnam Style (2012)

With the most number of views on a single YouTube video, Gangnam Style broke the internet in 2012. 

PSY’s slick dance moves with a weird catchy tune got millions dancing to it worldwide. 
It has to be the most enjoyable song to dance to when drunk. No kidding.

5. The Harlem Shake (2013)

One of the best internet challenges of the decade, Harlem Shake was first popularized by a YouTuber Filthy Frank. 

Frank’s video soon got people dancing to the tunes of Harlem Shake by Baauer. 

6. Flash Mobs (2013)

If you were still active on the internet in 2013, you’d remember watching new flash mob videos every week. 

A choreographed dance sequence at any random space, Flash mobs are about sending a message or standing up for some social issue. 
People in groups suddenly come together and perform moves in complete sync! 

7. Mannequin Challenge (2016)

A fitness challenge, not easy for everyone, this challenged people’s physical strength and the ability to be still for a few minutes, just like a mannequin. 

Skrillex’ famous song Black Beatles first featured a crowd waiting for the drop like mannequins in the background. 

8. Pokémon GO (2016)

Pokémon GO, a free augmented reality mobile game, allowed people to be real-life Pokemon trainers. What else? You could roam around to catch different Pokemon and hatch eggs. 

The game saw even the laziest individuals go for walks and step out in order to progress further and was a path-breaking game that launched in this decade. While not exactly a ‘trend’ per se, Pokemon Go became a cultural phenomenon.

9. The Bottle Flip Challenge (2016)

Throwing a plastic bottle, filled with water, so that it lands upright on a flat surface is the very crux of the Bottle Flip Challenge. 

From celebs to young kids, this challenge became a rage over the internet and is still very famous.

10. Tide Pod Challenge (2018)

Doing dangerous things for the camera wasn’t just about jumping or dancing on the streets, the kids in 2018 retorted to swallowing detergents. 

Yes, teenagers posed with tide pods and gagged after chewing them. This turned out to be one of the most ridiculous and dangerous trend of the decade.

11. Twerking (2013)

Even though twerking became a rage way before we were born in the 1820s, it was reintroduced to our generation thanks to Miley Cyrus. 

The dance form gained momentum in the coming days and many took to the streets to perform it on their individual level.


12. Selfie-trends (2013)

Our obsession with technology moved a bit further with our knack of taking selfies at any event or social gathering. 

Selfies were regarded as the next big thing and even celebs couldn’t resist from learning the art.


13. Pimple Popping Challenge (2015)

One of the nastiest, yet popular, challenges in the list – the Pimple Popping Challenge stood out in 2015 with people getting their pimples popped like cherry. 

Tread ahead with caution in the pus and blood territory.

14. Blue/White Dress Challenge (2015)

The Dress challenge was an illusion test that either made you a blue-black person or the one constantly seeing white-gold colours. 

Heating up arguments were memes around this trend as it was something that fooled both sets of people.

15. Sarahah App (2016)

Meaning ‘honesty’ in Arabic, the app became a rage for a generation of internet users obsessed with anonymous confessions and other such concepts. 

Two random people, with this app installed, could easily message each other without knowing each other’s identity. 

16. Boom Floss Challenge (2018)

This dance challenge called Floss is about a move where people had to repeatedly swing their arms, with clenched fists, from the back of their body to the front. 

After it found popularity in 2018, there was no stopping and TikTok stars. 

17. TikTok (2017)

The best social media revelation of the decade, TikTok gained 50 million Indian followers in a span of 2 and a half years.

A popular platform to showcase one’s acting and dubbing talents, this was by far the best trend of the decade. Some people are now full-time celebs who earn well from this app.

18. The Bottle Cap Challenge (2019)

A simple challenge for fitness freaks, this involves copying the moves of Taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin. 

Using a round-kick, celebs opened bottle caps and soon this became a worldwide trend

That’s all folks! With 2020 just days away, we hope we can see some more scintillating and eventful challenges soon.