If you’ve been a 90s’ kid, watching Emotional Atyachar could have been your go-to guilty pleasure. And why not? It was damn entertaining!

So, now music producer Yashraj Mukhate, who got uber famous after releasing the viral Rasode Mein Kon Tha mashup has brought the nostalgic show back in our lives with a new track called Biggini Shoot.   

Now, even though the entire song is based on a very small snippet from the show, it will instantly make you want to dance and groove to its rhythm. 

It’s got rap, Yashraj is playing the flute and the beat is so catchy, what’s not to like? Netizens agree. 


Who would have thought, ‘a two-piece biggini’ song can make us want to hit the dance floor?    

Watch the whole track here :