This post has some massive spoilers. So if you haven’t watched it, don’t go ahead. If you have, don’t spoil it for others!

Iron Man 2 introduced us to the first female superhero of our generation. Yeah, that’s right. It wasn’t Captain Marvel and it definitely wasn’t Wonder Woman.

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And people who hadn’t read the comics, they didn’t even know who she was before she chose to reveal herself. 

That’s how she has always been, never on the front page, but working to keep the team, together and doing whatever’s necessary to protect the innocent. 

Even though Natasha Romanoff hasn’t had a solo movie yet, she still stands tall among all these titans of the legends. 


And yet there is barely anything we know about the Black Widow. 


Just that she was a Natalia Romanova, a KGB assassin who joined SHIELD because of Clint Barton and then became an Avenger. 


She was, till her very last breath, resourceful, uncompromising, and the Lord knows what would the boys do if it wasn’t for her!

Natalia Romanova

But picking up after the boys wasn’t her job. 

Mind you, she’s is the one who figured out how to shut the portal during the Battle of New York and defeat Loki. 


Natasha Romanoff’s entire arc through the MCU has been about redemption, to wipe clean the blood on her ledger.  


Some ledger it must have been, given how she has sacrificed everything to get even. 

Also what makes her stand out amongst the giants in the Avengers is that she is choosing to do good and she’s fighting for it, against everything that is thrown at her. 


I mean, Captain America has to do it because it’s his purpose, Thor has to do it because he’s a God and Tony Stark has to do it to undo the havoc his weapons have caused. 

Cap’s got nothing better to do and as far as Tony and Thor are concerned, they still have their own people to go back to. 


But Widow does it, not because she has to but because she wants to redeem herself.

That makes you wonder the amount of blood she must have spilt if she is willing to do this much and more!

There are no perks to this job. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for her. There has never been family waiting for her at the end of the road. 

The Avengers are her family. 


She gladly sacrifices her life for that family, to bring everyone back, to finally wipe that red off her ledger. 

The Telegraph

She might not have had any superpowers or a cape. But she’s a soldier, who died in anonymity on an alien planet so that the universe might have a chance. 

Entertainment Weekly

And isn’t that what true heroes do?