We all struggle with clothing issues on a daily basis. We don't want to appear overdressed and make it obvious that we put in some serious effort. We don't want to appear under-dressed either and appear like we didn't put any effort at all. To keep a balance like that is what woes are made of.

There is one hack - the most efficient of it all - when it comes to our wardrobe. Black. Loads of it. It goes with every other color. It highlights that skin tone perfectly. It is the one-point answer to our wardrobe woes.

Here are a few reasons, amongst an unending list, about why black will never go out of fashion.

#1 An all-black combination is always a winner. Pair up your black skirt with a black jacket.

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#2 A warm black coat and black leggings are the answer to all your winter-clothes confusion.

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#3 A black dress is a must. Pair it up with a sexy pair of shoes and you won't go wrong. Ever.

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#4 This type of androgynous look might require a little practice to pull off. Pair up somber colours. Black and androgynous slay.

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#5 A black top with your favorite jeans spells effortless and chic. Your choice of shoes and bag will determine if this ensemble will be casual or posh.

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#6 Another must for your wardrobe - a pair of black trousers. Pair it up with a shirt and you are good to go for office.

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#7 If you own a pair of white trousers, team it up with a black top and a dash of contrast.

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#8 A simplistic, printed black dress is a good replacement for the quintessential LBD.

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#9 You want to experiment but don't want to attract attention? Team up your eye-catching fluorescent skirt with a black lace top.

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#10 Pairing your coral skirt with a black top is as classy as it gets.

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#11 Black can be paired with every color, for instance mustard.

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#12 And in days when you don't feel like putting any effort, you just have to team up your favorite shirt, your black pants and a pair of comfortable sneakers.

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#13 You can go unmistakably stylish with a black maxi skirt. Pair it up with a funky top. Wear those killer shades for full effect.

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#14 During winters, nothing spells style and comfort like a skirt, dress or shorts paired with a black leather jacket.

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#15 That colorful, tribal print skirt you bought must be paired with a plain, black top. The black top will not take away any attention from the skirt and will only complement it.

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#16 That animal print dress seemed like a mistake after you bought it? Team it up with a black leather jacket and leggings and you will make a statement.

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#17 When it comes to men, nothing spells suave like a black suit. *James Bond approves*

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#18 If you have a black winter coat, winters are sorted for you. Add a beanie for maximum effect.

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#19 When in doubt, wear a black t-shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers. That wins all battles.

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#20 A black pair of shorts is the answer to all your summer woes. Pair it with a shirt or a t-shirt and voila!

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