Last year, a particular dress had the world divided into Team Blue-Black and Team White-Gold. People were pulling out their hair while trying to figure out how others were seeing what they weren’t. Honestly, I am still unable to understand how, and the dress continues to confuse the shit out of me!


It took the world a lot of time to move on, and just when we thought we had, a Twitter user Taylor Corso posted a picture of her brand new Kate Spade bag.

Behold yourself for yet another colour war, because now the world is divided between Team White and Team Blue. What do you see?

 Here’s a clearer image:


This picture is now taking the world by storm. The confusion began and people started questioning their cone and rod cells once again. 

Basically, the internet found yet another object to obsess about. Until Taylor Corso put an end to the debate by taking a screenshot of the bag from Kate Spade’s website, which mentions the colour clearly!


Sorry Team White, it’s just not your day. 

And that’s how another internet colour war is put to rest. Amen!