Apart from a great storyline and soundtrack, it’s the appearance of an actor that can make or break the entire movie. There are a number of actors who have grabbed eyeballs with their jaw-dropping body transformations in the past. 

Here are some of the impressive and unrecognizable body transformations that the actors underwent with their dedication and determination.

1. Randeep Hooda – Sarbjit 

It may sound unbelievable but he lost a whopping 18 kilos in just 28 days for acing his titular role in the movie. With some ingenious makeup, he nearly looked unrecognizable in the movie. 


2. Aamir Khan – Dangal 

Known to be a perfectionist, he had put on 25 kilos and then shredded it all within a time span of five months. Even though he was given an option to wear a bodysuit, he wanted his character to look absolutely natural. 

3. Abhishek Bachchan – Guru 

For one of the finest movies of his career, he had put on over 11 kilos in a month by gorging on nearly a dozen rasgullas every day. However, he underwent some rigorous training and spent two hours in the gym every single day to shed all that excess weight. 


4. Farhan Akhtar – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag 

Regarded as one of his best movies, the actor underwent an 18-month long uncompromising training in order to get an athletic body for his role. He even went on a liquid diet thrice in 13 months to get those eight-packs. 

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5. Bhumi Pednekar – Dum Laga Ke Haisha 

How can we forget her? For her acting debut role, she gained about 20 kilos within a span of six months after gorging on fatty dishes like butter chicken and dal makhani. However, she lost 33-freaking-kilos within four months with regular workout sessions.

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6. Rajkummar Rao – Bose: Dead/Alive & Trapped

It may sound farfetched but he went above and beyond to get into his character’s skin for his movies. For Bose: Dead/Alive, he had put on 11 kilos for his character in the movie and was put on a strict diet. For Trapped, he lost about 7 kilos in just 22 days by eating just one carrot and drinking a cup of coffee every day to look malnourished for his role in the movie. He is surely the perfect example of true commitment.

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7. Priyanka Chopra – Mary Kom 

The actor underwent rigorous physical training for about four months in order to get a muscular physique. She even took boxing training to learn the sport for her role in the movie. Apart from this, she even used to run and lift heavy tires to ace her role in the biopic. 


8. Ranveer Singh – Padmaavat 

Known for getting into the skin of all his characters, the actor underwent extensive training for six weeks in order to achieve a jaw-dropping physique. His training included deadlifts, squatting, cardio, bodyweight exercises and HIIT. 


9. Prabhas – Baahubali 

The movie that turned him into a nationwide hero, he gained 20 kilos for his role in the movie and was even trained under a well-known wrestler for about six months. To ace his beefed-up look, he used to gorge on about 40 egg whites with protein powder every single day. He even spent 1.5 crores in order to build himself a personal gym. 

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10. Kriti Sanon – Mimi 

For acing her role of a surrogate mother in this movie, the actor gained about 15 kilos in two months. She had to set a chunk of movies aside until she lost all the excess weight. It took her 4 to 5 months to shed all that weight. 


11. Anushka Shetty – Size Zero 

Known for her experimental nature, she gained 20 kilos to essay her character in this movie. Initially, she used prosthetics for her role but her arms and face looked leaner compared to her body. Therefore, she decided to gain weight naturally. 

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12. Kangana Ranaut – Thalaivii 

For portraying her character, she had put on about 20 kilos in order to achieve a look similar to the celebrated politician. Along with some clever makeup and prosthetics, she flawlessly aced the look. 


Which actors’ transformation shocked you the most?