Bollywood is like a religion in our country. Thousands of fans from all across India visit Mumbai just to have a look of their favourite Bollywood star. So naturally, with all that stardom and fame comes a lot of demands as well. 

So, here are all the weird demands our Bollywood stars have before signing a movie : 

1. Kangana Ranaut

The Queen actor despite being so vocal on her social media platforms doesn’t entertain people in person. According to reports, she has instructed her personal assistant to always answer all the questions and queries without involving her. Also, she makes sure that her personal assistant always travels with her.  

2. Akshay Kumar

Kumar is well-known in the industry for his disciplinary regime. So, this hard-working actor apparently makes sure to give himself a break once a week while shooting for any movie. Thus, he doesn’t work on Sundays. He believes that Sundays are for relaxation and a time to spend time with his family. 

3. Hrithik Roshan 

Hrithik works a lot for that chiselled body and why not? It makes us fan love him even more. But according to sources, to maintain his chiselled body he always travels with a personal chef whenever he is shooting in foreign locales. He even demands the best gym in the town so he could maintain his fitness.     

4. Sonakshi Sinha 

Sonakshi has been a queen of our hearts for quite a while now. But this actor apparently has a clause that she always follows while signing any Bollywood projects. The clause is ‘no kissing on-screen’. She is not comfortable doing the same and continues to apply it. 

5. Aamir Khan    

Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood makes sure he gives his 100% to a film. But according to reports, while signing a contract he makes sure that the camera is not on any low angles shots because he starts feeling shy when a low-angle shot is being taken. 

6. Akshaye Khanna  

Apparently, before signing the movie Dhishoom where Akshaye played a negative role, he made sure some strict protocols were followed. He made sure that even though he plays a bad guy, his character won’t be beaten blue by the lead. Moreover, he had asked production to add his inputs and changes anytime he wants in the script.   

7. Salman Khan 

Before signing a movie, Salman has just one clause that he always follows. According to reports, his films should be free of any intimate scenes and he would not at all kiss on-screen. 

Which demand was the most unusual? 

Which demand was the most unusual?