There’s no denying that our B-town actors are fab at what they do and can pull off any role. They’ve entertained us long enough for us to know how amazing they truly are (well, most of them). But at the same time we have to admit, had they been in other professions, especially the ones mentioned in this list, they’d be broke for life!

Cheers to them for making good choices. And we’re mighty glad they didn’t open for these alternate career options.

1. Govinda – Fashion Designer

Imagine a ramp walk of models wearing something like this…

Source: mid-day

2. Tushar Kapoor – Underwear Model

I still can’t get this nightmare out of my head!

Source: Rediff

3. Uday Chopra – Actor

Chopra Jr knows this to be true. He was polite enough to retire early!

Source: India

4. Salman Khan – Driver

You know what I mean! :p

Source: bharathautos

5. Sanjay Dutt – Criminal Lawyer

Let this photograph explain this one.

Source: ndtv

6. Alia Bhatt – Host Of KBC

Don’t worry, Alia, we still love you.

Source: Youtube

7. John Abraham – Theatre

Hunk, yes. Actor, not really.

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8. Shah Rukh Khan – Anti-Smoking Activist

Mother of ironies, anyone?

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9. Ajay Devgn – Choreographer/ Dancer

My eyes hurt even at the thought of it happening!

Source: Dailymail

10. Aamir Khan – Stand Up Comedian

Well, he didn’t find the AIB roast funny!

Source: tns.thenews

11. Katrina Kaif – Hindi Teacher

Remember her accent when she speaks in Hindi?

Source: imgarcade

12. Sunny Deol – Masseuse

“Dhai kilo ka haath” se kaun massage karwaega ?

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13. Emraan Hashmi – Civil Engineer

Very few girls in that field. How would Mr Hashmi survive in such surroundings?

Source: myvantagepoint

14. Anil Kapoor – Own a hair removal cream company

Hair, hair, everywhere… Hair, hair, forever there…

Source: hindilyrics

15. Kamaal R. Khan – Himself

Well, we all know the “two rupees person” that KRK is. Can’t stoop any lower, can he?

Aren’t you glad they chose acting?