The most entertaining moments during celebrity interviews are when someone has a savage response to a question or another interviewee and it leaves the audience in pin drop silence, wondering whether they really said what they said. 


So here are some of those very same moments from Bollywood interviews that were absolute mic drop moments. Let’s take a look. 

1. When Katrina Kaif shut Ranbir Kapoor down for mansplaining while she was talking. 

She specifically pointed out how he was not letting her finish her sentences. 

You do realise you’re talking about my character when I am sitting right here. 

-Katrina Kaif


2. When Siddhant Chaturvedi gave a savage AF response to Ananya Pandey during Rajeev Masand’s talk show. 

The actor had said that her father had never been on shows like Koffee With Karan and worked in Dharma films which pretty much sounded like she was overlooking her privilege. 

Jahaan hamare sapne poore hote hain, wahaan inka struggle shuru hota hai.

-Siddhant Chaturvedi


3. And then when Rajkummar Rao called Sonam Kapoor out for her tone-deaf and privileged statement about getting opportunities via the connections her father has. 

I am sorry to interrupt… But you had options. When you’re an outsider, you don’t know where to go. 

-Rajkummar Rao


4. Seems like most of the celebs who’ve given the best silence-inducing replies have called out privilege well. 

Because in another Rajeev Masand interview Jim Sarbh pointed out how newcomers can’t even fathom auditioning for the lead role. Whereas star kids can easily kick start their careers with main roles. 

You automatically get a bigger card than us. It’s like we’re in a different room trying to make our presence felt. It isn’t exactly an even playing-field..

-Siddhant Chaturvedi


5. When Vidya Balan shut a reporter down for body-shaming her. Actually, she didn’t even entertain the question, forget shutting it down.

The reporter had asked her whether she’d be losing weight or sticking to women centric films. Implying that the two have no meeting point, which is not true. 

What’s the relationship between women-centric and weight loss?…..No, I’m very happy with the kinds of roles I am doing. It would be great if you could change your mindset.

-Vidya Balan

6. When Parineeti Chopra came across a reporter who clearly didn’t understand the meaning of consent and libidos. 

But of course Parineeti Chopra dropped a few words of wisdom. 

…I think if there is sex or a kiss or a hug, there are two people there, not just the girl. 

-Parineeti Chopra

7. I am sure, we all remember this glorious moment when Priyanka Chopra silenced a question with thoroughness. 

Physiologically men and women are different. There is no debate about it. When we talk about equality and opportunity, we talk about cerebral opportunity. We are not saying we want to able to be like a 200-pound man and beat the shit out of somebody else. We are saying you give the ability to get the job, to be the CEO and no body questions when you’re driven at 50 and have three children, how you managing, don’t question me at all. That’s what I am saying. I can be a CEO and a mother.

-Priyanka Chopra

8. When Aishwarya Rai gave David Letterman something to think about. 

He tried to take a dig at how Indians still live with their parents as adults. And, of course Aishwarya wasn’t having it. 

Because it’s also common in India that we don’t have to make appointments with our parents to meet for dinner.  

-Aishwarya Rai

9. Then there was this savage response by Aamir Khan on Koffee With Karan. 

Karan Johar asked Aamir, ‘One thing you dislike about the industry but have to pretend that you like it?’ Here’s what Aamir Khan said. 

Your show.

-Aamir Khan


10. Then when Rajkummar Rao spoke absolute facts.

In a conversation with each other, Sonam Kapoor said that actors need to promote their films so that they don’t need to beg for good reviews. And Rajkummar Rao came back with this. 

Or we could make a good film. 

-Rajkummar Rao


And that’s how you communicate.