Where would be without Instagram? Probably laughing at jokes when they are originally cracked on Twitter 3 weeks before passing through Instagram to Facebook. Since we are already on the subject of Instagram, we have all had phases in life where we have written utterly irrelevant quotes for unrelated photos. Unfortunately, a lot of Bollywood hasn’t figured out a way of that phase yet. 

1. Vicky bhai, blue nahi hai ye? 

2. Mermaids can’t walk on sand. That’s kind of the main problem with being half-fish. 

3. Amitabh Bachan’s every caption is legendary but my god, I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. 

4. Wait? What? Why, Ameesha Patel, why? It’s freezing. 

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5. Yeah, somehow nobody believes Dhanush said that. 

6. Look, the caption makes sense, the post as a whole is just weird, like watching a dance video without the music.  

7. The now deleted post had Kangana say some wild crap. 

8. We get you are promoting a film among other things, but my god, be subtle at least. 

9. What part of this is gender fluid? 

10. You can’t just say Mood and post random unrelated shit!

Through the course of this article, I have come to realise that Indian celebrities don’t necessarily post bad captions, they just have nothing to do with the image on most days. It’s the whole post weirds you out.