Bollywood celebs like Akshay Kumar and Ekta Kapoor are now tweeting about the farmers protests and the comments being made internationally about the same. Ever since the Ministry of External Affairs made an official statement in context of international celebs tweeting about the farmers protest in India, some of India’s biggest stars were quick to agree. 

Unfortunate to see vested interest groups trying to enforce their agenda on these protests, and derail them.

“Sensationalist comments neither accurate nor responsible” read the statement directed towards famous names like Rihanna and Greta Thunberg. Hashtags like #IndiaAgainstPropoganda and #IndiaTogether are being used to back MEA’s statement. 

The detailed statement has gathered a lot of attention and several Indian celebs have tweeted in favour of it. 

In the statement MEA defended the three contentious farm laws, saying that the reforms intend to give expanded market access and provide greater flexibility to farmers. The farmers protest in India began in August 2020 on a small scale and grew to full scale in December 2020.