You might be scratching your head and wondering, WTF is the point of this article? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but koi point nahi hain yaar. If you’ve read this far might as well read the whole thing. 

Here are 10 Bolly celebs and their fruit equivalent:

1. SRK = Mango

King of all fruits, Baadshah of Bollywood. Both have one thing in common: unparalleled reign. 

2. Ananya Panday = Avocado

South Bombay’s favourite super-fruit proudly repped by the most South Bombay person to ever exist on the face of this earth. Seriously, Ananya is the personification of every South Bombay stereotype there is. And given that avocados are priced at 1.5 kidneys, only South Bombay folks can afford it. 

3. Akshay Kumar = Coconut

Hard on the outside, hollow inside, Akshay Kumar is like a coconut. A big, bad macho superhero with an extremely shallow core cause you have to be braindead to romance actors 1/4th your age. 

4. Tiger Shroff = Tomato

Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Is Tiger Shroff a human being or a lizard? Same vibes. 

5. Aamir Khan = Plum

A plum and an Aamir Khan show up once a year during peak season. Just like you never know whether you’re gonna get a sweet or a sour plum, you never know if you’re gonna get a cinematic crowned jewel or an unoriginal Aamir doing the same old ‘quirky’ expression. Kuch naya likhke lao yaar 🙁

6. Deepika Padukone = Banana

Tall, slim and slender. Plus, there’s no fruit quite like the banana, and there’s no one quite like Deepika.  

7. Ranbir Kapoor = Pomegranate 

Cracking them open is hard work.

8. Kartik Aaryan = Pineapple

Pineapple is the best aphrodisiac, and well, so is Kartik Aaryan. 

9. Hrithik Roshan = Grapes

Was a great enough fruit before, but aged like fine wine.  

10. Salman Khan = Watermelon

Hehe guys you caught me. This one’s a joke. The best fruit to pair with any alcohol is watermelon. The worst person to pair with any alcohol is Salman Khan. Let’s just say Bhai can’t handle his tarBOOZE. 

All the above celebs would hardcore disagree kyun ki carbs unki expertise nahi hain. 

Ab par hi liya hain, toh baatao apne thoughts?