We’re all surrounded by people who want to see us happy. And we’re also surrounded by people who push the idea of positivity – with every other person being a motivational speaker. Not that being a well-wisher is a problem, but just like all other things, being positive requires balance. And it’s definitely not helpful when you need help or even a reality check. Specifically, when all a person wants is for you to listen.

Toxic positivity does exactly that, it’s when people think that forcing positivity will solve all your problems. But, it’s not all ponies and rainbows, which is fine.

This is also what we see in movies – with inspirational dialogues and happy-go-lucky characters. It does feel good having a happy person around, but forcing happiness and dismissing emotions isn’t very healthy or helpful. Of course, we expect fiction to be an escape, but it shouldn’t reach to the point where it’s toxic. 

But we constantly come across dialogues in Bollywood movies that suggest ‘getting over it’, ‘being happy’ or dismissing our problems because someone else has it worse. Reality check – that’s not what people want to hear, and it’s definitely not inspiring. 

And, here are some toxic positive dialogues from Bollywood movies:

Because, ‘khush raho’ isn’t really a solution.