India and Pakistan have a lot in common other than their mutual love for cricket. Religion, culture and most importantly, cinema. Which also means that while movies are made and seen with gay abandon, they are also banned on a regular basis.

Yes, for various reasons cited by its government and other authorities, a lot of Indian movies have been banned in Pakistan. And some of them will actually surprise you.

1. Padman

The Akshay Kumar film inspired by a true story about periods and sanitary napkins has been banned by Pakistan’s Federal Censor Board. One of the reasons cited was that they cannot import films that are against their culture and traditions.

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2.  Ek Tha Tiger

The film revolves around the story of an Indian spy falling in love with an ISI agent. Which is why the Salman Khan starrer never saw the light of the day in Pakistan.


3. Chennai Express

The film did not offend any sensibilities but was releasing on the same day as four important Pakistani films and hence was banned from screening. 


4. Agent Vinod

You might not have heard of this film because it had tanked badly. But the movie showed top Pakistani officials in league with the Taliban and hence suffered the fate in Pakistan. 


5. Baby

The Pakistani censor board banned this film because it believed that the movie portrayed Pakistan in a negative light and all Muslims as terrorists


6. The Dirty Picture

The film that was based on South sex-siren Silk Smitha’s life was found to be too bold for Pakistani audiences.


7. Khiladi 786

The Arabic letters of the Quran’s opening phrase ‘Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim’ add up to 786, which is why the number is considered sacred by Muslims. Hence it was feared that the film could hurt religious sentiments.

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8. Tere Bin Laden

The movie was a comical take on Osama-Bin-Laden and had starred Pakistan’s very own Ali Zafar but never saw the light of the day because the Pakistani board feared that it might spark terrorist attacks. 

Indian Express

9. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The Milkha Singh biopic showed his characters saying that he did not want to go to Pakistan as his family was killed there. The film also speaks about the issue of partition, a subject that the Pakistani board found problematic.


10. Jolly LLB 2

Another Akshay Kumar movie to bite the dust, Jolly LLB 2 touched upon the topic of the Kashmir unrest. 


11. Raanjhana

The movie might have done well in India but had created a controversy in Pakistan as it showed a Muslim girl falling in love with 2 Hindu boys.


12. Raees

The film showed a Muslim gangster as a bootlegger. The problem was that alcohol is not allowed in the Quran.

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13. David

The film apparently showed Muharram procession via a song in an allegedly appropriate manner, which is reported to have not sat well with the Pakistani censor board.


14. Lahore

The film was intended to unite the two countries in the ring but some of the dialogues and scenes from the movies were apparently not to the liking of the Pakistani board. 

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15. Phantom

According to reports, the film was banned because JuD chief and Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed had found that he had been portrayed in a bad light. 

b’Source: Dailymail’

16. Dangal

The Pakistani board had reportedly demanded the cut of two scenes involving the National flag and the national anthem. Producer Aamir Khan had not complied to the demands. 

Indian Express

17. Naam Shabana

The film was initially allowed to screen with many cuts. But after a few days of screentime it was removed as the board found that it had scenes “unfit to show” about terrorism


18. Udta Punjab

The film was in a lot of controversy in India anyway. In Pakistan, it was reportedly banned on the basis of the use of excessive abusive language. 

Indian Express

19. Neerja

The film revolving around the story of the hijack of the Pan Am Flight 73 at the Karachi airport in 1986, was banned in Pakistan allegedly for showing the country in poor light.

Indian Express

20. Bangistan

The film was an attempted satire on the life of two suicide bombers and was found to be offensive to Pakistan.

Indian Express

21. Haider

The film was controversial in itself as it had deeply touched the subject of the insurgency, Kashmir, and the struggles of Kashmiris. 


22. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

The movie ran into mindless controversy in India due to the presence of Fawad Khan. Also, the conflict between the two countries not only delayed the release of the movie in India but got it banned in the neighbouring country. 

India Today

23. Dishoom

The film deals with the kidnapping if an Indian cricketer just 36 hours before the finals between India and Pakistan.

indian Express

24. Ambarsariya

The Punjabi film was apparently banned in Pakistan due to it’s reference to RAW.


And we thought our censor board was sensitive.