Even the most fearless naysayers will sleep with their lights on if they watch a Bollywood horror movie scary enough to give them nightmares. But of course if there’s one thing Bollywood does it’s overkill. No pun intended. Bollywood has pretty much explored and overused every possible kind of evil character you can think of. Here are ten of them:

1. The White Sari Woman

This one only works the night shifts and mostly wears pure white cotton or chiffon sarees. Loud clanky anklets are also part of her style. But don’t let her sensuous appearance fool you, the way it does every Bollywood character who sees her, because the back of her head might seem amazing but when she turns she’ll make sure you pay for disturbing her midnight stroll.

2. The Man-Beast aka pishaach

He can talk, walk and look like a man charmingly befriending unsuspecting men and women. But if he manages to get you alone someplace, especially after dusk, beware. There will be instant body and facial hair growth, over-the-top teeth elongation and of course loud growling. The Man-Beasts normally rips apart its victims and make it look messy especially if the make up guys aren’t good.


3. The Vengeful Ghost

Most appear as rustling leaves and fluttering curtains. She remains formless until of course some young naive beautiful woman moves into the house where the Bhoot was originally killed. The Bhoot enters the woman and slowly does a takeover and rest is history obviously. The Vengeful Bhoot does finally leave the woman’s body but after a lot of time consuming and expensive poojas.

4. The Khooni Shaitan

When you hear the name ‘Khooni Shaitan’ you might think terrifying demon who lusts for blood. Yes, correct. But the thing is that we never really get the full story of the demon himself. There’s always an evil tantrik who calls the shots, under whose power the demon is. Some ancient curse or some demon capturing device enables the tantrik to use the demon for his own evil wishes.

5. Killer Chudail

A big fan of sexy item numbers and rain songs right before transforming into a facially deformed sharp-fanged murderer, the Killer Chudail is very popular. She has a characteristic laughter that echoes even in rooms where it shouldn’t.

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6. Toy Terrors aka paapi gudiya

7. Shapeshifters aka bhes badalta bhoot

8. The Tree Ghost

Not very sure what the deal is with this one despite featuring in several films. The main characteristic of this spirit is that she lives in trees. Now there has been no proof that she hangs from the branches or whether there’s a nice comfy treehouse up there. The Tree Ghost will settle for just scaring people off unless you piss her off. Then yes they will die!

9. Nagin

Not a ghost per se but definitely a major part of several Bollywood horror flicks. Nagin as you know is a snake that can turn into a seductive woman or the other way round. Nagin is perhaps the only evil creature who has her own theme song.

10. The Sex Interruptor Ghost