You cannot deny some movies in Bollywood have a true fan following and have become cult favourites over time. However, not every film deserves a sequel, no matter how well received the original one may have been. 

1. Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri, over the years, has become a cult classic. This movie was truly a gem as it portrays the reality of life with a little humour. It is also voted as the best Bollywood comedy film. But, Phir Hera Pheri did not even touch the standard of the original one. While Phir Hera Pheri 3 is on its way and we hope for something better.


2. Welcome

Welcome, no doubt was a hilarious movie. And we still consider it among the movies we can binge-watch again. The character of Majnu Bhai, Dr.Ghunghroo, and Uday Shetty was loved by all. However, Welcome back was an utter disappointment and unfunny.


3. Love Aaj Kal

The first Love Aaj Kal was a good movie and, with a realistic love story. However, Love Aaj Kal 2 tried to explore the conflicts of relationships but somehow did not do a great job.


4. Murder

Original Murder had a good storyline. It was also a remake of the Hollywood movie Unfaithful. The movie was a hit during its time with some good songs. However, its sequel, Murder 2 & 3, did not touch the same record at all.  

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5. Golmaal

Golmaal was a good funny movie. The characters in the movie did make us all laugh. The plot was good too and, it was funny naturally. However, its sequels became unbearable, sexist, and predictable. 

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6. Raaz

Original Raaz was scary. However, with four back-to-back sequels I think the mystery is solved and, we don’t need any more sexual horror movies like this. 


7. Sarkar

Sarkar was a good intense movie showing political battles. However, its sequel Sarkar Raj was not very impressive. 

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8. Race

The first Race movie was not actually bad. The songs in the movie and the star cast did fairly a good job. While we did not even notice the movie has three sequels now. But, all we remember is the meme “Our business is our business, none of your business.” Race 4 is all set to release in 2022 and of course, you didn’t know. 


9. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai was a hit and, people did go and watch it. But Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara was not needed at all. It was no different and felt unnecessary.


10. Housefull

Yes, Housefull undoubtedly had a lot of problematic plotlines, but it became a laughter riot that viewers enjoyed. However, what that definitely did not need is more sequels. The joke is old now.


11. Dhamaal

Dhamaal was so good and funny. With a good storyline and a social message. But with Double Dhamaal and Total Dhamaal, you can only question its existence and why was it so extra? 


12. Yamla Pagla Deewana

The Duo of Bobby and Sunny Deol did make us laugh a little. The first part also received a good response from the fans. However, we did not need a sequel 2&3 for this movie.

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13. Krish

Koi Mil Gaya to Krrish 3 these movies are considered a series of superhero films. With action stunts and visual effects, the movie has managed to gather an audience. However, with every sequel, the movie is losing its essence. We hope Krrish 4 has something good for us. 


14. Tanu Weds Manu

Starring Kangana and R. Madhavan, the first part of Tanu weds manu was good. It highlighted the truth behind Indian marriages. However, we did not need a second part Tanu weds Manu returns.  

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15. Baaghi 

Baaghi was a good movie with a nice storyline. However, with 3 sequels, the movie majorly gathered attention because of Tiger Shroff’s stunts and action. With Baaghi 4 in line, we wonder what more we have to watch in it.


Stop ruining original movies for us. We don’t need a sequel for every good movie.