No Bollywood masala movie is complete without a towel sequence. Bollywood is kinda like a towel training camp. So, here are 10 teachings that’ll help you perfect the art of towelling.

1. If you are seeking the man of your dreams then a private dance with your towel might just help.

2. Wanna grab that new neighbor girl’s eye? Go to your room’s window & drop it like it’s hot!

3. We’re having a slumber party. You know what that means? Towel dance!

4. Learn this jig for perfect crotch cleanliness!

5. Master the art of dressing up while you undress.

6. A towel can be your best friend. It can also be a pervert’s best friend.

7. A sexy towel dance is like the first lesson in seduction 101.

8. Tread lightly. A wet towel can also be a source of marital discord.

9. So, handle your towel with care.

10.  Or else, this might happen.