Netflix’s latest Hindi web series, Bombay Begums, didn’t just gift us imperfect but relatable female protagonists. It also showcased actors who absolutely nailed the portrayal of their complex characters. 

However, apart from their impeccable acting, the one thing that has left viewers thoroughly impressed is Rani’s (Pooja Bhatt) wardrobe choices. 

Yes, those regal drapes don’t just play an intrinsic role in Rani’s armor against corporate politics and casual sexism. They are also absolutely stunning to look at. 

And the complete credit for it goes to the show’s costume department that ensured Rani’s wardrobe matches her personality – a unique mix of feminine elegance and strength. 

And these outfits are a stark reminder of how a saree is almost always a perfect choice, no matter the occasion. 

Like when Rani is first introduced, her name is not enough. The deep green hankers back to the era of royalty. 

Or when she heads her first meeting as a CEO, in a blouse and saree in muted colours, that enhance her innate strength and poise. 

Or when she incorporates just the right touch of red in her attire to balance her acquiescence to archaic traditions (Karva Chauth) with her corporate avatar. 

Or when she proves, that whether in a dress or a saree, black is the ultimate color for a comeback! 

Though personally I gravitated more towards Fatima’s sense of style, because well, will you look at that range! 

But there’s no denying the grace and elegance that Pooja Bhatt–in those gorgeous sarees–brought alive as Rani. 

And together, the two women, with polar opposite aesthetics, served one hell of a powerful image on-screen. 

These sarees already live rent-free in my heart. If only they could live for free in my closet too!

All images are screenshots from Netflix.