So the South Korean black comedy thriller Parasite just won an Oscar and scripted history as the first non-English film to win the Best Picture. Clearly, it was an iconic moment and a resounding finish for a film that has literally been sweeping awards across all festivals. 


Of course, with all the wins, Bong Joon-ho has given a fair share of interviews and delivered multiple award speeches. This is how we discovered and fell in awe of his amazing interpreter, Choi Sung-jae, known to the world as Sharon Choi. 


Sharon Choi has accompanied Bong Joon-ho to every press show, awards night, and interview. And over time, her skills as an interpreter and translator have earned her a small ‘fandom’. 


Because she interprets his words and skillfully uses colloquial language to better send across his message, rather than just translate each word in an exact manner. 

But there’s more to Sharon than the role she plays as Bong Joon-ho’s translator. Sharon, who is an aspiring director herself, is 25 years old and currently working on a script. One that even Bong Joon-ho is curious about. 

However, for her part, Sharon stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she is actually a huge fan of the film, even though all the attention that Parasite received made her ‘super anxious’. 

I’m just a huge fan of this film and all the filmmakers. So it’s been great. This is so embarrassing. But, yes, it’s been great. 

Technically an interpreter, Sharon has accompanied Bong across the globe and managed to accurately and quickly relay his thoughts. Here’s hoping we soon get a glimpse of her thoughts and work, because as Parasite proved, there’s always room for new and diverse voices to be heard.