Bran Stark has grown to become a very important character on Game of Thrones. With his ability to travel through time and everything, Bran is pretty much holding all the cards in the show right now.


Before he met the three-eyed raven and eventually became one, Bran’s journey was quite difficult. And through all the hardships, Hodor always stood by him.


The actor who plays Bran – Isaac Hempstead Wright – started working on the show when he was only 12. And he had been working with Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, for all these years, until the saddest death on the show. EVER.


Hodor died for Bran and a part of us died with him.


And after finding out that Hodor actually meant ‘Hold the door’, we just couldn’t contain our tears.


Bran & Hodor were the most amazing duo on the show and we can’t even begin to imagine how Isaac feels without Kristian around. After all, he has been an important part of Isaac’s Game of Thrones life.

But hey, the two were reunited at Conan-Con and watching them back together was the biggest awww moment ever.

Watch the video here:

I’m not crying. You are.