The internet is a lean mean hate machine that would hate on anything and everything that is seemingly possible. Game of Thrones provides it the perfect chance to hate on certain characters because much like in real life, most characters are assholes. But there’s a slight problem here.

Remember when the entire internet was calling for Olly’s head when he stabbed Jon Snow? So why aren’t we doing the same for Bran Stark?


Bran has this tremendous ability to mess up casual instances by not adhering to instructions. He’s clearly told the things that he shouldn’t do but following rules is such a bad thing, right? Bran was the reason why Ned died. He was the reason why his entire family got fucked over. And what’s more, in the latest episode, he even got Hodor killed! 

You might believe that Ramsay Bolton or Jeoffrey Baratheon are/were horrible characters who deserve/deserved to die, but why have we never called out Bran for his bullshit?


Bran didn’t listen to instructions and climbed the tower anyway, witnessing something that would change the fate of Westeros.

Bran decided to climb the tower when he had no business to do so. He saw Cersei and Jaime indulging in carnal pleasure and Jaime obviously had to get rid of this silly little boy. He threw him down the tower and Bran was paralysed. Great job, Bran! You couldn’t help but poke your nose in someone else’s business.


His paralysis sowed the seeds of animosity between the two big houses of Westeros.

Because of this, there was a clear rift between the Lannisters and the Starks. Ned Stark lost his life and the entire Stark family was either killed or they had to run away and hide.


Bran got the Children of Forest, Summer and Blood Raven killed because of his stupidity.

Bran was specifically told by the Blood Raven to not go into the visions alone. But like an annoying teenager who still hadn’t learnt his lesson, he went there alone and got branded by the Night King. This then put everyone’s life in danger and got a lot of people killed.

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And of course, he decided to not warg out of Hodor even when it meant certain death for the gentle giant.

With the white walkers attacking, Bran warged into Hodor to save his himself and Meera. And when all was lost, Hodor held the door closed while Bran was dragged away to safety. If he wanted, he could have warged out and saved Wylis (Walder in the books) but he chose not to. And let’s not forget, Hodor’s entire life was affected because of Bran’s mistake. He turned from a young kid to a simpleton who could only say ‘Hodor’ because of this self-serving Stark.


Forget Ramsay Bolton. We should all root for Bran’s death now.