Today, Indian consumers are spoilt for choice. There’s a millions brands to choose from and it’s tough getting to the heart of the fickle yet passionate Indian shopper. So, a lot of foreign brands did the only thing that made sense. They went Indian themselves.

1. Nokia

Even though Nokia isn’t the name it once was, but at one point of time mobile phone was synonymous with “Nokia.” They pioneered cheap, affordable and colourful phones with their “Asha” series.


2. Breezer

3. McDonalds

When McDonalds came to India, Ronald McDonald started doing “Namastes,” and their entire menu went for an overhaul .Suddenly, a chain most famed for its beef burgers started serving up Spicy Paneer Wraps, McAloo Tikki Burgers and Curry Pans.


4. Louis Vuitton

Not only are Indians brand conscious but when we shop for luxury, we like to show off said brands as well. Louis Vuitton products that retail in India typically have bigger logos that their cousins in the rest of the world.


5. Samsung

Let’s face it, we’re a gaudy (in a good way) bunch. Samsung has made sure that there is a greater variety of colours in their refrigerator range in India than anywhere else in the world.


6. Audi

Also, we love to honk. Believe it or not, Audi actually went ahead and designed louder horns for its cars in India.


7. Marvel Comics

Yes. Even comics. Although the Indie comic scene in India is growing by leaps and bounds, popular comic publishers keep experimenting with Indian content and re-imaginations of popular characters. Spiderman: India told the story of Pavitra Prabhakar, (Peter Parker) a village kid who gets the powers of a spider from a yogi and uses it to fight crime and injustice in Mumbai.


8. Pizza Hut

Somewhere down the line, Pizza Hut realized that even though pizza may be Italian, but Italian toppings are completely alien to the Indian palate. In came, “Tandoori Pizza.”


Just goes to show you; India doesn’t adjust to you, you adjust to India!