Yesterday, Marvel released a 1-minute clip from the Avengers: Endgame. And while we’re pretty sure that it’s their way of screwing with our heads, the clip does reveal a fair bit about what Earth’s mightiest heroes are up to. 

1. The Avengers have been tracking Thanos. 

The remaining Avengers have found a way to track down Thanos or his Infinity Gauntlet. We can only assume that the gauntlet releases some kind of energy that would not be too difficult for Bruce Banner to locate. 


Afterall, that’s what Fury wanted him to do in the first Avengers film when Loki had stolen the Tesseract. 

2. The Avengers are going after Thanos to reverse everything that he has done. 

This much is evident from the trailer that the Avengers have not yet accepted defeat. You could rather say that they don’t believe that they actually lost in the biggest war of their lives. 


So they are going after the Mad Titan with whatever forces they have because they ‘owe it to everyone not in that room’. 


3. This scene happens pretty early in the film. So Captain Marvel meets them right after the snap. 

Black Widow’s hair is still blonde. So this presumably happens right after the snap. Think about it. The previous trailers have shown Black Widow with her natural red hair which has grown a fair bit, meaning that a significant time has passed. 


4. This attempt to defeat Thanos definitely doesn’t work out. In fact, it goes worse than they thought despite Captain Marvel’s aid. 

Given that this happens pretty early in the movie, they are definitely not going to win. Despite whatever Captain Marvel might say, she ain’t enough. And Thanos is going to wreck their asses all over the place. 


5. This might be where they find Tony and Nebula. 

This could be a little far fetched but yeah, since they are going into space, they might just find Tony Stark and Nebula stranded somewhere. 

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6. They possibly destroy the Infinity gauntlet in the process or find that it is already destroyed. 

As of right now, the Avengers’ biggest hope is to retrieve the Gauntlet from Thanos and change things back to the way it was. But that would be too simple a goal for the whole film. 

Animated Times

So here’s the thing, the last time we saw the Gauntlet, it looked pretty wrecked. So maybe, it doesn’t work anymore. Which would explain Thanos going back to his old armour and a double bladed weapon.  

Cinema Blend

So maybe, the gauntlet gets destroyed during the rematch with the Avengers. And this would explain why Captain America needed to go to group therapy sessions. He looked like he was helpless and had given up. Mind you, this is a guy who could do it all day.

7. This is quite possibly one of the very first scenes of the film. 

I’ve already mentioned that this is pretty early in the film. But the background score makes me think that this scene is just before the first credits roll. The music builds up and stops right before we hit The Avengers theme. 


If you’ve noticed anything else that we might’ve missed, you know where to reach us.