Marvel Studios have released a ‘special look’ trailer for Avengers: Endgame. And while it’s amazing to see something, anything about the movie before it actually releases, it raises more questions than it answers. 


1. From the look of concern on Banner’s face, the Avengers are going to do something seriously drastic and dangerous. 

Bruce Banner tells the remaining Avengers that they are terribly short staffed for what they are about to do. To which Rhodey replies that it’s because Thanos killed all their friends. 

Is this a direct retaliation against Thanos? 

Because, if they want to go get the Infinity Stones from the past as many have suggested, they would’ve done it quietly.

So maybe, the Avengers along with the rest of them are just going after Thanos. 


2. Natasha Romanoff talks about owing whatever they are trying to do to the people outside the Avengers. 

In an interview, Scarlett Johanson had admitted that after the events of Infinity War, while everyone is grieving, Natasha Romanoff is also very ‘fucking pissed’. 

So clearly, everyone is planning on doing something big and they are swinging for the fence, so to speak. 

3. Nebula is seen grieving with Rocket, the only other Guardian of the Galaxy, which means both Tony Stark and her are back on Earth. 

And they seem to be sitting inside, what seems to the Avengers headqurters. 

4. There is a brief moment before this scene that we see a spaceship over Tokyo. At this point, we’re still unaware if it’s the GotG ship or the Quinjet.

This might be Tony returning to Earth or a random shot of the Avengers going somewhere. 

5. Tony Stark is seen visibly starved while he hugs Pepper Potts. 

Which means, he had been in space for a while before ‘being rescued’. 

We have a voiceover in the background with Tony speaking about how it’s not about how much they had lost but how much they have left. 

This is definitely from a different scene which I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. 

6. Hawkeye has tattoos and an arm full of them!

Hawkeye Ronin looks very different from what we’re used to. He has a different haircut as we’ve seen in previous trailers. But a full hand of tattoos means that a significant amount of time has passed since the snap. 

7. The Avengers assemble and it’ll give you the goosebumps of your life. 

They are possibly speaking to Thor or Captain Marvel. Whoever it is, they have just arrived and the way they all get up, it seems like they were waiting on the person. 

Could this person have been on a secret mission on their own? 

8. Finally, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers get back together on the field and it’s been a while coming. 

After the events of Civil War, the relationship between Tony Stark and Captain America had gone so sour that the former didn’t even call Rogers when Thanos’ children attacked new York. 

Stark went in alone and he lost. As did Steve Rogers. 

So him asking Rogers to trust him and them shaking hands was a long time coming. Apart from being an obviously goosebump-worthy moment, it must also be noted that Tony looks a bit old here. 

And it looks like one of the leaked images from the Battle of New York shoot. 

Hindustan Times

But Captain America is in his trademark scaly costume. At this point, the Russo brothers are just fucking with us!

9. The remaining Avengers from Infinity War, along with Captain Marvel are on a spaceship together. 

Maybe this is a rescue mission to get Stark back on Earth. And given that Black Widow is still sporting her blonde hair from the previous film, not a lot of time has passed. 

Also, Thor isn’t wearing a seatbelt. What a guy! He has no regards for safety regulations among other things.


10. Notice that Nebula is not in the previous shot but she is hanging out with War Machine here. 

So maybe, this is after they rescue her and Stark from the deserted spaceship. Or this could just be from an entirely different shot from the film. 

11. We finally get to see Thanos, who seems to have been using the Tesseract to travel and is back with his custom battle-hardened armour. 

Thanos’ voiceover is as menacing as it was in the first trailer for Infinity War. The debris around Thanos suggests that they are quite possibly on Earth. 

And the reason I’m saying it’s from Earth is that in the previous trailer Ant-Man is doing summersaults on a pencil in a scene eerily similar to this one. And last we checked, Titan didn’t have any pencil-using kids or kids in general. 

Now, if Thanos knew that the Avengers plan to screw everything he did, he’s not one to let it slide, is he?

12. Tony Stark, Captain America and Thor walk towards what appears to be Thanos himself. 

So where are the other Avengers? Are they on separate missions? We can’t tell for sure but it is very likely that the rest of them are busy elsewhere while this trio take on Thanos themselves. 

Which makes sense, because Thor can kill him, Tony knows the territory and I don’t know why Captain is there. 

13. Peter Parker’s death has definitely hit Tony too hard. 

Although, he never admitted it, Stark was a bit of a father figure to Peter. So naturally, he is still grieving over the young man’s death. 


14. The GotG ship is seen zooming away from a planet that is not Earth. 

Now, it could be Titan but why would they escape Titan? Did they meet Thanos again and he manhandled them that badly?

15. Captain America might be wearing three differet suits in this film. 

The following is the suit from Infinity War.

This is the tactical suit from Winter Soldier

And from the Avengers logo on his shoulder, you can obviously tell that this is his new suit. 

So is there a lot of time travelling or is Captain America just showing off? 

16. The Hulk is still nowhere to be seen. 

And we know he likes making last minute entrances. Let’s just hope he does!

Endgame is still 3 weeks away but God, time goes so slowly when you are waiting. And especially when Marvel drops trailers like these.