Bridgerton’s season 1ended with a lot of steamy scenes, dramatic moments and of course Simon Basset. So, naturally I was looking forward to the next season and couldn’t help but binge watch it the moment it came out. 

But after a whole weekend of indulging in the show’s goss, and romance, I couldn’t help but think how similar Bridgerton seemed to Indian rom-com movies. Just without Aditya Roy Kapur playing the drunk friend and Ranbir Kapoor playing the man-child


Both seem to be filled with gossip, rich-people parties and all things bougie! Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourselves. 

1. The fact that the Bridgertons invited their to-be daughter-in-law to play outdoor games with them. 

Haven’t we seen this before? Anyone remember Tuffy umpiring that HAHK match? Cuz that’s all that was missing from Bridgerton – an adorable AF umpire. 


2. Boy and girl hate each other. Boy and girl fall in mud together. Boy and girl are now in louveee. 

We know what is to come next, don’t we?


3. There’s even a grand mansion that is strikingly similar to the school building in Student Of The Year and the Raichand mansion in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham!

Accompanied by the lush, green lawns as well.


4. When Edwina Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton were getting to know each other in the most sanskari way possible; with adults supervising the courting session.

I know I was watching Bridgerton S2, but I did not realize when I slipped into the sanskaari world of Sooraj Barjatya movies where older family members know all the tea about their children’s love lives and even orchestrate it, at times (or pretty much, all the time)!


5. Oh, and just like those romantic dramas that are entertaining and unrealistic AF, Bridgerton, is also filled with endless, bougie parties.

There may have been a lot of tea parties in the era the show is set in, but somehow, the vibe that Bridgerton S2 gave off, screamed Badtmazeez Dil. #IYKYK


6. Also, how can we possibly forget this one key similarity between the two? A drama filled love triangle!

Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Dostana Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, SOTY and  … the list goes on longer than most Bollywood songs. 

Style Caster

7. Need I mention, the repetitive moments of intense eye contact between the lead characters. 

A moment of deep realization of their love, I guess? I bet this would look really strange in real life.


8. Episode 6: Kate Sharma’s kangan falls on the ground, Anthony Bridgerton immediately bends down to pick it up smack in the middle of his own wedding. 

Why does this remind me of Kajol’s necklace getting stuck in Shahrukh Khan’s sherwani in K3G


9. And we simply cannot miss the fact that during Edwina’s haldi ceremony, Bridgerton decided to play K3G’s title track in the background. 

This would be a 10 on the desi rom-com meter, I believe. 


10. If memory serves me right, Dharma films almost have a scene during which a kangan or a ring is the perfect fit for a woman who the main lead is definitely not set to get married to. 

Remember the Mujhse Dosti Karoge scene when Pooja bent down and Raj accidentally spilled the sindoor right in her maang? Yep, good times. 


Full on drama, a generous amount of romance and lots of gossip. Same, same!