People bringing their kids to cinemas or pubs or bars is quite common these days, with most of them having genuine reasons behind it. For example, they are a nuclear family and can’t leave their child with a stranger. In that case, parents should take utmost care in such environment which is not suitable for kids. While it is a highly debatable topic, someone who wants to have a good time with their partner, friends, or colleagues, definitely doesn’t want to get distracted by toddlers yelling and crying around them. Rightly so.

Source: New York Times

Speaking of which, someone on Reddit pointed out the culture of bringing babies to stand-up comedy shows.

A Reddit user, @u/curiouscat, posted his experience of attending stand-up comedian Nishant Suri’s show on a Bangalore community. The user pointed out someone brought a one-year-old toddler to the show and how it ruined his experience.

Source: Nishant Suri/IMDb

“Went to Nishant Suri’s show yesterday and a very dumb set of people decided it was okay to bring their 1 year old toddler there. I mean, I understand crying kids in planes are something one cannot help, and kids running around a pub/bar/restaurant is somewhat common these days although a safety hazard. But what’s the rationale behind taking a kid to a stand up comedy show? Common sense isn’t very common it seems.” an excerpt from the post reads.

Source: Reddit

You are not supposed to be enjoying your ass off while your kid is yelling, wailing, babbling at places they shouldn’t be. The world didn’t sign up to hear your little demon screeching. It’s annoying and makes you look like a jack ass,” the post concluded.

Other Redditors shared their similar experiences while agreeing to the user. Some of them expressed their opinions on it.

What do you think of parents bringing their babies to such places?