How far are you willing to go just to get a date?

Would you participate in a reality show that promises you a roster to choose from? Would you be okay with the entire process being telecast for millions of viewers across the globe? And most importantly, would you be perfectly fine getting fully naked on TV? 

I don’t know if you would be okay with all this but many British men and women seem to be completely alright with this idea. 

What else explains the existence of Naked Attraction, a British ‘dating game show’ that’s had two successful runs on TV already?

On The Box

Reality TV across the globe may have seen many lows in the past but it just doesn’t get more outlandish than this. 

Just when you thought that judging people by just their face on Tinder before going out on a date with them was shallow, Naked Attraction takes it to a whole new level. Why bother checking someone’s face when you can check out their penis or vagina instead!

The first round of the show involves the contestant selecting two out of six random naked bodies. I say bodies because their faces aren’t even visible. All the contestant can see of them is their legs and penis/vagina. That’s all that matters, right?

Daily Mail

Moving on, once the contestant has shortlisted 2 out of those 6 options, the two picked-out come in front of the contestant butt naked, of course. And it is at this point of time that the contestant too takes off all their clothes and selects one of the two options for a date. The date though is a fully-clothed one! 

On paper, the show chronicles the entire date and shows the conversations between the two. There isn’t any sex which is why the show hasn’t been banned – despite multiple accusations, the court couldn’t take any action as the show doesn’t violate any British TV laws. 

But in ‘reality’, the show is a depiction of the changing dating standards in modern-day society. Conversations, character and compatibility come much later; as long as the sexual organs look good, people are good to go!


At a time when social media ‘likes’ determine a person’s self-worth, the existence of shows such as Naked Attraction certainly depict the deep-rooted shallowness present in modern-day society. 

But then, as some people would say, since dating is also about sex, what’s the harm in checking out the package before it is delivered, right?