After 8 long seasons and countless hours of binge-worthy comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has finally come to an end. This took a little while to process, so if I end up going off-topic and get really emotional, you can blame the editor who assigned me the article.  


When this show came out, I was still in college. Actually, I remember watching it for the first time. High as f**k, gorging on vadas in the canteen when I came across it on TV. It was literally this scene: 

I was like, “Hey, I know that dude from SNL,” and that was it. This show was funny and I was hooked. 

It was a little later in my life, when I got more politically aware that I truly began to appreciate how good this show actually was. Think about it. 

Its cast is primarily people of colour. And there they were, breaking every stereotype about people of colour.

The angry black Captain was gay. The big black Lieutenant cried on cue. The best cop in the precinct was a brown woman. Yeah, Amy Santiago was better. The other brown woman was a straight-up badass, who did ballet. 


And the two white guys were bros but were the most non-toxic bros in the history of pop culture. Peralta was a goofball who constantly messed up and Boyle was so nice, I wanted him to adopt me..

The show managed to keep the humour edgy and on point while being politically correct and constantly punching up. And this was at a time where old white comedians had just started complaining about how PC culture was ruining comedy. But there was this cop show of all genres, hitting the right notes every single time. 


The characters all went through some kind of evolution. We started with Jake being a cocky idiot who grew up to be more responsible, learnt about his privilege, acknowledged it and did everything in his power to make life better for his colleagues and friends. 

The show also gave a happy gay couple. And how amazing were they? Holt and Kevin are goals. Their chemistry is something you don’t see every day. In an age where queerbaiting is almost a marketing gimmick (looking at you, Supernatural), the show actually delivered on the promise. 


ARRRRRGH, I love them so much. So here’s another picture of them kissing in the rain. If anyone editing this article removes this, they WILL be accused of being homophobic. 

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And nothing beats Captain Holt’s deadpan humour, my god! Anyone who had seen Andre Braugher’s previous work couldn’t have imagined him being a comedic genius. 


So, let’s get to why you’re really here. 


Of course, I was going to come to Gina eventually. I mean come on, Linneti is a Goddess. She was so brilliant. I wish I was adjectives to describe Gina but there’s no template for that woman. She was the only one of her kind. 


Here’s another one. 


And another one. I mean, really, who’s gonna stop me? I am too far gone at this point. 


Okay, okay, last one, I swear!


Now, we get to the OGs of the show and the people we all secretly relate to: Hitchcock and Scully. We all used to be cool once, but time and jobs have turned us into them. 


You can deny it all you want but we all want to stuff our mouths with chicken wings and sleep at our offices. The heart desires what the heart desires. 


Now, the world has changed a bit in the last couple of years and if you are an American, the murder of George Floyd has affected you, one way or another. And that is something a cop show with a primarily PoC cast and a black captain needed to address and address it did. 

Season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was all about police reforms and Black Lives Matter and how corrupted and morally repugnant the police force is. It wasn’t just one episode to make the showrunners feel better about themselves. That was the whole theme of the season and it was brilliant. 


It honestly breaks my heart that a show which gave us such amazing and diverse characters has finally come to an end. There’s a lot more I wish to talk about. Like Rosa coming out and Jake taking a backseat while Amy went ahead with her ambitions or Charles being an awesome parent and all the amazing side guest appearances the show had, how well written all of it was.  

I wish to say goodbye but it’ll take some time to sink in, Untill then I can be pissed at Andy Samberg for calling it quits.