With the mind-boggling revelation about Captain America being a Hydra agent and Marvel quickly taking a U-turn on that to get their audience from revolting, the events of Civil War II has fans surprised.

We’ve already told you about the initial events that led to the second Civil War in the Marvel comic book universe. The death of War Machine and She-Hulk kicked off the Civil War as Captain Marvel and Iron Man were locking horns about the way they wanted to handle the future.


In the latest edition of Civil War II, Bruce Banner (Hulk’s alter ego) is murdered. Bruce has been a staple character for Marvel for a long time now and the decision to kill him off comes as a huge surprise for the long-time fans. This decision is extremely bold considering that Marvel had announced how a black teenage girl, Riri Williams, will be the next Iron Man.

Hawkeye is seen killing his friend under the belief that Banner is about to turn into the Hulk and unleash massive death and destruction. This preemptive strike deals a major blow to our favourite comic book superheroes as they have to come to terms with this tragic loss. 

It is particularly curious considering that Bruce Banner is no more the Hulk in the Marvel comic book universe. He has been using medication to deal with his anger issues for over a year now.


But then again if the previous examples of ‘dead’ superheroes are anything to go by, you never know when Bruce Banner might come back.