The Joker movie is yet to release in theatres all over the world. And I assume we have all seen the trailer. 

Source: Taste of Cinema

But in case, you haven't, here you go. I mean, why not? It's insane!

As interesting as this trailer is, there is one scene in particular that caught everybody's attention. 

Among the people who are running out of the theatre are a well-dressed couple with a young boy. 

Are they Thomas and Martha Wayne running out of the theatre with young Bruce?

Twitter certainly thinks so. 

Now that could be any kid with his parents. But fans have pointed out other similarities as well. 

But hold on. We've got more information.

When the couple runs out of the theatre with their kid, we see a poster of Excalibur. 

Source: YouTube

Now cut back to Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and you can see that the same movie poster in the theatres where Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed. 

See it in this clip from Batman Vs Superman. Remember how we thought this movie was going to awesome? LMAO!

Now, I am not saying that this is what we think it is, but it sure looks like it. Maybe, it's just another dumb easter egg. But hey, someone clearly took the time out to put in the bloody details. 

Batman eating a hotdog
Source: Gfycat

Again, it could just be an easter egg and Bruce Wayne might not fight the Joker, but we, as fans, are just happy that Batman exists in this universe.