Bad people get away with their wrongdoings and those who believe in justice, face disappointment at the hands of fate. All that is left to do for them is to spend the rest of their grieving days holding a candle to karma. What do we do? We read the news in newspapers, express our momentary sorrow and then simply turn the page over. 

I’m going to state an unpleasant truth – there’s no justice in the real world.

The movie ‘Death Wish’ rises above this sickening complacency and paints an idealistic, albeit gritty picture. 

In the flick, Dr Paul Kersey, played by Bruce Willis, instead of waiting around for justice to prevail takes the law into his own hands. Having lost his wife to a home-robbery gone wrong, Willis being the hooded vigilante is the inspiration we need to stand up to our own problems. And while with Willis’ character, justice is served swiftly and without mercy, the movie raises the legitimacy of taking the law into one’s own hands. The movie, releasing on 2nd March, promises to be an entertaining watch and if you don’t believe that, let the trailer convince you.