Season 8 is just around the corner so we’re hoping these unsolved mysteries will get answered soon enough.

When will Jon learn about his true parentage? Will he ever know? 

Ever since we learnt about Jon Snow’s true heritage we can all agree he truly does know close to nothing. Not even his real birth name. 

He’s so close to knowing who his real parents are and yet the show is torturing us with the wait. Just give the information already! 

What really is the Night King’s motivation?

While everyone is Westeros has been playing the ‘game of thrones’ so to speak, we know nothing about the White Walkers’ political motivation. What is the Night King’s endgame? And does he really have a motive? 

What does this mysterious superhuman species really want? We’re completely blindsided here and we need answers. 

Are Sansa and Tyrion still married? Will they acknowledge it if they are? 

Before Sansa escaped King’s Landing she was still legally married to Tyrion. While that could’ve been controversial since she was married off to Ramsay Bolton, he is no longer in the picture. 

So is she still technically Sansa Lannister or is juts a Bolton widow? While Sansa has peaked as Lady Stark, we still need details. 

Why was Tyrion so worried about Jon and Dany getting together?

At the fag end of season 7, Jon and Daenerys end up sleeping together on their way to Winterfell. Apart from the audiences knowledge of them being related, this is a pair we’ve somehow been rooting for. 

Except, when they’re behind closed doors, Tyrion is visibly troubled by them getting together. So, does he know something the others don’t? What is the reason for him being this horrified by the idea? 

How is old Melisandre relevant?

Season 6, episode 1 left us on a strange cliffhanger of Melisandre being revealed as a really old woman — more than 400 years according to the show-runners. While people had mixed feelings about this now over-memed moment, it hasn’t been explained even though 2 seasons have passed ever since. 

While we’re not sure if it’s even relevant, we just want to know how this can change anything. Has she witnessed something that could be vital to the plot in season 8? Are there more people like her who are much older in reality? 

What is the deal with Cersei’s baby?

In season 5, Cersei received a prophecy from the witch Maggy the Frog, about her ‘three’ children who will predecease her. While this did come true, there was no mention of her fourth child which is currently on the way. 

What significance does this baby have in the plot? Will her pregnancy even come to term? And if it doesn’t, will she completely tip over the edge? Not like there’s much scope, but will she go deeper into the dark side if this happens? 

Where’s Yara and how does Theon plan to get her back?

After his less than favourable moment of cowardice, Theon is now on his second redemption arc on his way to rescue his sister. 

But how does he plan to do that? Does he even know where or how she is? And will Yara be significant enough in the War for the Dawn that her rescue is such a vital part of the plot? 

What is the full scope of Bran’s power? 

Ever since Bran went full Three-Eyed Raven, he’s become one of the most powerful people in Westeros. His ability to warg and teleport his mind to any location and time will certainly come in handy during the war.

But we still need to know what exactly was meant by he’ll never walk again, but he will fly and the full scope of his power.

Who is the ‘Prince (or princess) that was promised’? 

One of the most popular prophesies in the series is that of the ‘prince that was promised’. But who will this mysterious entity turn out to be? The first contender was mistaken to be Stannis Baratheon by Melisandre. 

And the current top contenders are Jon and Daenerys. But as history is proof, things aren’t this easy in the GoT universe. So could it be anyone other than them? Will it even be important in the end, or was it just one of the most epic misdirects in TV history. 

Who will end up on the Iron Throne? 

The title of the show alludes to the ultimate prize — the coveted Iron Throne. But is this really significant anymore? 

Given that there’s a bigger war coming, how is the Iron Throne significant any more? And if it is, who will sit on this valuable seat? Will there be anyone left to do so once the war is over?