With so many songs, already going ‘viral’ on Corona, of course Dhinchak Pooja couldn’t have been left behind. She has blessed us with a new song on the virus.


Focusing on the precautionary methods in times of COVID-19, the video starts with Dhinchak Pooja singing the catchy chorus: 

Carona, Carona, 
Kaam yeh karona, 
Dua yeh karna, 
Kisi ko yeh ho na. 

Along with a crew of dancers wearing masks and performing the hook step of her song, Dhinchak Pooja further touches upon the do’s and dont’s of Corona: 

Through her musical venture, she tells us the seriousness of COVID-19 as she urges people to not treat Corona as a joke. 

Check out the full video here: 

Netizens’ reaction to Dhinchak Pooja’s new song about the pandemic is hilarious: 

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Disclaimer: This article doesn’t want to take away the seriousness of the issue at hand. Please practise self-isolation, and stay safe, folks.