Cadbury has been one of those brands that almost always served ads that are just as sweet and enjoyable as their chocolates, if not more so. So here’s a look at some of the most memorable and amazing Cadbury ads: 

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk: Kuch Swaad Hai Zindagi Mein

Ah, the ad that became an intrinsic part of our childhood featured a young girl celebrating a six by running on the cricket field. 

And it’s been recreated beautifully by Ogilvy and Cadbury with the perfect gender swap for 2021. 

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk: Kiss Me

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Silk was launched as an irresistible delicacy that you just had to consume, whether it was in a library, or in the middle of a traffic jam. Of course, it was the song that went as viral as the ad! “Kiss me, and close your eyes. And miss me…”

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk: Pappu Paas Ho Gaya

One of the many ads that Amitabh Bachchan did for Cadbury, Pappu Paas Ho Gaya was as funny, as it was delightful. And of course, it tied in with Cadbury’s slogan, “kuch meetha ho jaaye“.

4. Cadbury Celebrations: Iss Diwali Aap Kise Khush Karenge?

Once it became a crowd favourite, Cadbury started tapping into festivals like Rakhi and Diwali with Cadbury Celebrations pack. It thus launched a series of heartwarming ads that celebrated the core of Diwali – spreading light and happiness through good activities. Like this one, where a foreigner’s Indian colleagues make him feel welcomed during Diwali. 

Or this one, where a grown man apologizes to his neighbour for troubling him when he was a kid. 

5. Cadbury Dairy Milk: Meethe Mein Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

An undeniably cute ad, this one addressed every desi family’s primary concern – meethe mein kya hai? And Cadbury Dairy Milk was the sweet answer!

6. Cadbury Dairy Milk: Shubh Aarambh

A modern twist to an ancient Indian culture, Cadbury positioned itself as the ‘sweet’ token of good luck before starting a new venture, aka ‘shubh aarambh‘ – even if it was something like making a new friend at a wedding! 

7. Cadbury Shots: Mann Mein Ladoo Phoota

With Cadbury Shots, Cadbury introduced mini chocolate balls, perfect for a snack. And the ads offered a perfect dose of laughter and innocence, with its tagline, “mann mein ladoo phoota“.

8. Cadbury Dairy Milk: Dil Jo Keh Raha Hai Suno

A personal favourites, and not just because of the stars in the ad film, this ad celebrated moments that are just as sweet and innocent as sharing a bar of chocolate – like a snow fight! 

9. Cadbury Dairy Milk: Kuch Acha Hi Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

Cadbury’s latest ad campaign brings back its tagline, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye as part of its slogan – kuch acha ho jaaye, kuch meetha ho jaaye. The idea is to promote priceless good deeds – like an elder brother giving up his chocolate for his younger brother. 

10. Cadbury Ads on Rakhi 

Cadbury has often used Rakhi to promote its products. And while its campaigns have changed over the years, the idea of celebrating sibling rivalry and sibling love, through Rakhi, has remained consistent. 

Just the perfect dose of sweetness!