Netflix’s Enola Holmes is the story of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes’ younger, and a tad smarter sister Enola, who is searching for her missing mother. 


A delightful mystery-adventure film where Millie Bobby Brown reminds you of the joy of watching Nancy Drew in action, but with significantly more finesse, Enola Holmes is perfect for a weekend watch. 

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Especially because of its amazing starcast that includes Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin playing Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes respectively. 

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However, what I did not expect from the film was for my lifelong admiration for Henry Cavill to take a sudden hit–much like the kind Enola experiences–with the arrival of Lord Tewksbury aka Louis Partridge. 


Yes, the 17-year-old star playing Lord Tewksbury in the film, was the perfect distraction from the mystery at play.

He is the reason I was forced to rewind several scenes because of course, I was too charmed by his performance to listen to the dialogues correctly. 


And if Twitterati, and Enola’s reactions herself, are anything to go by, I know I wasn’t the only one.  

So, who exactly is Lord Tewksbury? 

Well, in the film he is Enola’s unexpected travel companion who she ends up saving from an assassin. (Yes, quite the role reversal and we’re all for it). 

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Ultimately, Enola, who is on the case to discover her missing mother, falls of Lord Tewksbury, and well looking at that smile, who can blame her? 


This is certainly not the first time though that Tewksbury has won over his audience. 


Tewksbury aka Partridge actually made his acting debut with Piero de’ Medici TV series Medici and went on to star in Paddington 2 and Amazon Adventure

Louis, who originally hails from London, actually auditioned for the role of Tewksbury while preparing for his GCSEs, as revealed by Vogue


We’re not sure of the exam results, but he definitely scored high on natural screen presence!


In fact, Partridge also shared with Vogue that he originally dreamed of being a model, but then acting captured his interest. 

Sometimes I have to remember that I am an actor. But as I’ve been told numerous times, I’m not tall enough to be a runway model.

-Louis to Vogue


From a completely ‘unbiased’ perspective, I think he is just the perfect height. 

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He’s just big boned I swear

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According to MTV, the acting bug bit Partridge when he was 12, and shot three days for a short film. 

Since then, the young star has been chasing the acting dream, getting inspired by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet, and learning how to play the piano via YouTube tutorials. 

But the real mystery that remains, is how did we miss those intense stares before?

Thankfully Lord Tewsksbury of Basilweather has finally caught our attention. And we’re far too happy to stalk follow him on Instagram…for you all, of course.  


Definitely the star to look out for!