Yesterday, singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh dedicated a song titled RiRi (Rihanna) to international pop icon Rihanna, after she tweeted about the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. 

Since then, RiRi, written by Raj Ranjodh, with music by Intense, has easily become the internet’s favourite new jam, with over 100k views in less than 24 hours. 

In fact, translations of the song are also available online now. And in case you’re still wondering what exactly is Diljit crooning about, then here’s the English translation of the song:

Oh, beautiful one of Barbados, 
Your skin tone is golden, as though born of wheat. 
Raj (lyricist) salutes the Almighty, 
Who got this Angel on Earth.

I’ll gift you a special Patiala style suit, 
I’ll buy anklets for you, 
I’m crazy for you. 
Oh Rihanna, Oh Rihanna

You have big wide eyes, 
You are a true treasure of beauty 
I’ll be at your concert wearing a Kurta Pajama 
Oh Rihanna Oh Rihanna

Oh the things your eyes do to us, 
You have Punjabi fans crazy for you, Ms. Fenty Beauty 
The breadth of your fan base makes the haters burn with jealousy 
In the middle of the night, tossed them haters into a trolley 

The world is in a trance behind your sway 
Oh Rihanna, Oh Rihanna 
Try on this Punjabi kurti (outfit) I had got sewn for you from Moga, 
Oh Rihanna 
I’ll be at your concert wearing Kurta Pajama 
Oh Rihanna, Oh Rihanna…

You can listen to the complete song here: 

Favourite new track of the year indeed!