It’s that time of the year again! Yeah the season of holidays, the time when your workplace feels fun. You get to escape between your crappy office hours to get drunk and party. Aha, the Christmas spirits take you to new highs and forget the struggles of your choti si Naukri. Don’t you love it too?

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Until the part comes where you have to deal with secret Santa at work because someone in the office thinks it’s fun. Wait, what? how is it fun and not a treasure hunt to buy a gift for people whom you don’t know? It’s like figuring out why love storiyan existed in Kesariya, lol.

Secret Santa comes as a Christmas tradition where people anonymously give gifts to people to put a smile on their faces. The purpose of this activity is to spread joy as Christmas is all about giving! But little do they know that Secret Santa at work is a disaster. This community-building exercise where you are randomly assigned people to present each other with gifts is exhausting. 

What if you get that zehereela colleague who you don’t like? What if you get a name you didn’t know existed in the office? What if you’re just two months old in the company? You see, there are too many what if’s in exchange for your peanuts salary.

For me, giving a present to someone is an intimate and very personal gesture. And considering Secret Santa is a mega social event at workplaces, it becomes a major turn-off. Do hell with this activity. I didn’t sign up for this. Here comes my petition to unroll this mandatory activity because it sucks. I’ll tell you why.

The event is a mix of extraversion, cluelessness, and feigning overenthusiasm and it’s awkward to be a part of social events for some people. Forcing them & making them feel guilty to stay away from Secret Santa means you’re a bad bad person. Do you think Santa would approve of that?

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Here’s why Secret Santa sucks!

It’s a festive time, I am sorry I have a lot of expenses lined up and this one will only add more to the stress. Why do we have to pick names? Secret Santa is all about giving presents anonymously, picking names makes it difficult to buy a gift for that person. How about just getting Christmas gifts?

The gift face is the real struggle. It’s hard to pretend to like the gift if you hate it. Not to be rude, but it’s kindaa hard to fake nice behaviour when you’re tipsy. What If I speak the truth? Following this activity, what if you have to deal with work politics? Yeah, saying things like – “who’d you get?” “wanna swap?” I would rather get drunk than struggle to buy gifts for people I don’t know.

I personally hate surprises and it’s scary to witness things I have no clue about. Ho, ho, ho! I cannot fake any more things in life, please.

Some people also need to understand that giving gifts is part of Secret Santa, not just receiving them. Also if you’re catastrophically bad at buying gifts like me, the sheer panic for this event ruins the Christmas fun, right?

I love Christmas, and it’s happy to see people around enjoying their time, and the workplace environment also loosens up a bit. But Secret Santa sucks, and no one should be forced to be a part of it. Merry Christmas in advance!