When the Central government introduced the Citizenship Amendment Act, the nation erupted in protest against it. Because for a large section of the society, the act stood in direct contrast to the values laid down in the Indian Constituion. 

And, one of the most prominent examples of the anti-CAA protests in India has been the Shaheen Bagh sit-in that has been going on for two months now. 

Shaheen Bagh
Source: rediff

Led primarily by women, of all ages, the Shaheen Bagh protesters have braved everything, from bitter winds and deadly bullets, and continued on. And, animator Gitanjali Rao, whose past films have featured and won at the Cannes Film Festival, recently created a heartfelt tribute to the Shaheen Bagh protests. 

Gitanjali Rao
Source: Deccan Chronicle

The small video begins with a group of women coming together, with candles in their hand, as Faiz Ahmad Faiz's nazm Hum Dekhenge plays in the background, in the voice of Iqbal Bano. 

The video is interrupted by the sound of gunshots that causes the women to disappear, only for a bigger crowd to come back in solidarity. The video ends with the sound of Kanhaiya's Kumar's now-viral speech, asking for azaadi. 

The subtle but powerful video raises goosebumps as it brings to stark realization the courage and perseverance of the protesters. You can watch the video here: 

All images are screenshots from the animated film.