Marvel has released some new posters for Captain Marvel. Literally, every badass character from the film now has their own poster. 

Including Goose, the cat. 

Slash Film

Remember him? In the first trailer, Nick Fury was playing with this cute ginger feline. 


Except, Goose might not be a cat. As a matter of fact, in the comics, he is called Chewie after Star Wars character, Chewbacca.


Still cute, right?


Yeah no! In the comics, Captain Marvel has a pet but it’s a Flerken. 

They are aliens that resemble Earth’s feline pets. They are the same for the most part. They even behave the same way. 

Except of course the part where Flerkens lay hundreds of eggs to reproduce and have tentacles that come out of their mouth. 

Marvel Wikia

These creatures are said to have human-level intellect. Oh, and BTW, their tentacles are portals to multiple pocket dimensions. 

So it’s probably better to have one on your side than be in a fight against one.