It happens every year. Seven days into the month of February and everything morphs into hearts and sparkles. The season of love is finally upon us. And while several of us are either frantically making dinner reservations or deciding what to do on this ordinary Sunday *cough*, Amazon Prime Video has decided to give us all a lil love. 

This Valentine’s Day, they’ve decided to get mushy with us and stream six special shows for free from the 13th to the 16th of this month. The shows are: 

1. Made in Heaven

Amazon Prime Video

Dive into the lives of Karan and Tara as they navigate the world of wedding planning, adulting, and keeping up with a world that is jostling between the old and the modern. 

2. Bandish Bandits

Amazon Prime Video

A musical journey like no other, this show is all about love, and how far one can go for it. Bandish Bandits is a show where classical meets fusion taking us on a mesmerising ride where you’re sure to feel all the feels. 

3. Four More Shots Please! – Season 1 and 2

Amazon Prime Video

An inspiration for millennials everywhere, Four More Shots please will teach you to live, laugh, blunder, and always be yourself. This Emmy nominated show follows the lives of four unapologetically flawed women stumbling through the city of Mumbai high on life and their tryst with everlasting relationships, friendships and ambitions in a male-dominated society. 

4. Panchayat

Amazon Prime Video

This comedy-drama will take you down a journey with an aspiring engineering student, and his side job at the panchayat. The show will win your hearts as it mirrors reality in the most heartfelt manner. 

5. Hostel Daze

Amazon Prime Video

Ever wondered what an engineering college hostel culture (or lack of) looks like? Welcome to Hostel Daze where we get to peek inside the lives of a hostel wing with four boys getting through the first semester of engineering college. 

6. Zakir Khan: Haq Se Single  

Amazon Prime Video

I have one hashtag for you: #SakhtLaunda. Do I have to say anything else? Zakir Khan will take you on a laughter riot with his thoughts and ideals when it comes to singledom. 

So, get ready to cuddle up with your loved one, (even if your loved one is a bowl of popcorn) and have yourself a binge worthy Valentine’s Day y’all!