Celebrities are a different breed of people. Mostly because they are uber rich. Which means they spend a lot of money on almost everything. But since it’s Valentine’s Day, we’ll read a list of the most expensive things they have bought and feel bad about our lives. 

1. In 2006, David Beckham bought Victoria Beckham a Rs 58,07,28,400 Bulgari necklace, covered in diamonds and rubies.

Vanity Fair

2. Musician Tyga gifted his then partner Kylie Jenner a bling watch worth Rs 36,29,552.

Global News

3. On Valentine’s Day in 2007, Howard Stern proposed to Beth Ostrosky with an emerald-cut diamond ring which was reportedly worth Rs 1,81,47,762.50. 

US Magazine

4. In 2011, Katy Perry surprised Russell Brand with a lilac Bentley Brooksland car for Valentine’s Day in 2010. It was reportedly worth Rs 3,62,95,525.

The Blast

5. Kanye West gifted his wife Kim Kardashian a Panthere De Cartier Cuff worth Rs 52,99,146.65.

6. Justin Bieber once bought roses worth Rs 145182.10 for his former partner, Selena Gomez. 

W Magazine

7. Channing Tatum had gifted his then wife, Jenna Dewan a ring by Neil Lane. This ring is said to have cost him Rs 7,25,910.50.


8. Comedian/ actor Vince Vaughn proposed to his girlfriend Kyla Weber on Valentine’s Day in 2009. He did so by giving her a 4-carat diamond ring set in platinum that cost Rs 90,73,881.

Pop Sugar

9. When they were together, actor Angelina Jolie gifted an olive tree to her partner Brad Pitt. The tree was worth Rs 13,42,934.43 and the actors then planted it in their $60million estate in the South of France.

The Nation Roar

10. For Valentine’s Day in 2009, Jay-Z reportedly spent Rs 17,42,185 on a platinum-encrusted cell phone for his wife, Beyoncé. 

Vanity Fair

Alright then, get off you butt and at least check if there’s a sale going on Amazon or something.