Celebrity activism has been on the rise in the past few years. And while some of them are doing incredible jobs, a lot of them just like to talk something and do the exact opposite. This is a list of those people.

1. Ben Affleck

When Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct became public, actor Ben Affleck also joined the rest of his Hollywood colleagues to condemn the act. However, actor Rose McGowan called him out for knowing about these allegations and Weinstein’s behaviour for years and staying silent about it. 

Affleck, himself, was later accused of sexual harassment after a 2003 video of him groping MTV host Hilarie Burton resurfaced. 

The Daily Beast

2. Priyanka Chopra

During the protests that followed the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, actress Priyanka Chopra was seen posting his last words on Instagram as a sign of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. 

That solidarity however doesn’t seem to have been extended to her dark-skinned countrymen. Chopra has, over the years, featured in fairness cream ads. Oh, and this may not seem as important in the context but her character in the National Award-winning film, Fashion, reaches her lowest point after sleeping with a black man. Go figure! 


3. Natalie Portman

At the Oscars 2020, actress Natalie Portman wore a Dior dress with the names of snubbed women directors. She has been quite vocal about female representation in the industry as well. However, when it comes to her own career, she has only worked with two female directors, one of whom was Portman herself. 


4. Kangana Ranaut

A few months ago, Kangana Ranaut was retweeting Twitter page Live Law when it was tweeting about the proceedings of the cases that were in her favour. However, a couple of days ago, the actor called the page ‘one of the most creepy and biased accounts’ and asked for an investigation about the admin of this account, because the tweet in question did not fit her narrative. 

5. Sara Ali Khan

After being criticised for using the hashtag, ‘All Lives Matter’, Sara Ali Khan went ahead and posted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. And while it was admirable, at the time she was part of the Singham movie franchise, a series of films that glorify police brutality. 

Times of India

6. Elon Musk

Tech bros’ wet dream and wannabe edgelord, Elon Musk has been preaching to the world about the harms of carbon emissions. However, the billionaire himself is the owner of 1967 Jaguar E-Type Roadster and a Ford Model T. He also travels the world using his Gulfstream G650ER private jet, which uses 1,854 litres of petrol every hour. 

Economic Times

7. Bill and Melinda Gates

The Gates have long advertised themselves as philanthropists. However, just weeks after Oxford University promised to donate the COVID vaccine rights to any drugmaker to make it cheaply available in the market, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation got them to sign an exclusive vaccine deal with AstraZeneca that gave them the sole rights of the vaccine without any guarantee of low prices. 


8. Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s creator Mark Zuckerberg, has positioned himself as a champion for free speech has time and again allowed political ads to be shown on his platform without fact-checking them. However, during the recent turmoil in America, Facebook banned then former US President, Donald Trump followed by a lengthy post by Zuckerberg criticising hate speech. 

Which makes you wonder, if democracy is only precious in the United States as Facebook continues to be a hub of hate speech and fake in India. 

New York Times

9. Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio has been a climate activist ever since that iceberg hit the boat he was on. He has called for emergency actions against climate change. So much so, that in his attempt to fight climate change, he once flew  8,000 miles by a private jet from Cannes to New York City to pick up an environmental award. And irony just melted away, much like the icebergs are.


10. Richa Chaddha

Actress Richa Chaddha has been seen wearing t-shirts featuring Dr. B.R Ambedkar with the slogan Jai Bhim on it, showing allyship with Dalits in India. However, when the same people pointed out the problems with her portrayal of a Dalit woman, presumably based on Mayawati in her upcoming movie, Chaddha attacked the very people who are subjects in the film with tweet after tweet. So much for allyship, it seems. 

Deccan Herald

Well, you can never trust any celebrities ever, can you?