You would have never guessed that these celebrities have twins! From Scarlett Johansson to Tara Sutaria and Rami Malek, here are all the celebrity twins who aren’t in the spotlight. 

Rami & Sami Malek 

This Bohemian Rhapsody actor has an indentical twin brother, Sami Malek who is an ESL and English teacher and is younger to Rami by just four minutes. 

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Rahul and Rohit Roy 

The Bigg Boss winner and the OG Aashiqui actor, Rahul Roy has a twin brother, Rohit Roy who is 25 minutes younger than him. The two have rarely been seen together since Rohit prefers to stay away from the spotlight. 

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Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent 

Famous for his roles in the Fast and Furious series, Vin Diesel in known to have an extremely private life. Which is why the news of his fraternal twin brother, Paul Vincent reached the media a bit too late. Paul is also a part of the entertainment industry and as “a film editor and in the sound department” according to the Hollywood Reporter.  


Scarlett and Hunter Johansson 

This superhero sister has a twin brother, Hunter Johansson who often accompanies her to red-carpet events. In the 90s, Hunter tried his hand at acting with Manny & Lo, however, it was short lived and he’s since become a part of American politics. He even worked on President Obama’s campaign and re-election in 2008. 


Eva and Joy Green 

This Bond actress and her French twin sister were born two minutes apart and are actually polar opposites. While Eva chose to become an actress, Joy went on to study business, rears horses and is married to an Italian count. 


Ashton and Michael Kutcher 

Aston Kutcher’s fraternal twin brother, Michael Kutcher lives with cerebral palsy and even had a heart transplant at the age of 13. He is a strong advocate of organ donations and helps people in need of organ transplants. The bond that Ashton and Michael share made headlines when Michael revealed that Ashton was willing to donate his heart to save his brother at 13. 

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7. Tara and Pia Sutaria

While Tara recently made her Bollywood debut with Student Of The Year 2, Pia hasn’t chosen to be a part of the industry yet. Pia is also a trained ballet dancer like Tara and is a model as well. 

Which one surprised you the most?