Celebrities are eccentric people. They live in a different world than ours and thus have different rules. For example, when we get out first paychecks, we would buy beer, treat our friends, maybe help our parents with groceries. But celebrities have other ideas. 

1. Rupert Grint bought an ice-cream truck with his first big paycheck.

Upon landing the role of Ron Weasely in the Harry Potter films, the first thing Grint spent his big paycheck was on an ice-cream truck. Before becoming an actor, Grint had always wanted to be an ice-cream man. And so he bought a truck and went about selling ice-cream. 


2. Johnny Depp bought a house for his mother. 

When the actor started getting big roles and eventually received his first paycheck, he went to his mother and bought her a house. Depp reportedly had a rough childhood and his mom had to do a lot of jobs to put food on the table. So it only made sense that he buy his mother a house and make her comfortable. 


3. Shaquille O’Neil spent $1 million in an hour buying cars for his entire family. 

Shaq spent $1 million in the first hour of signing his first NBA contract. He bought cars for himself and his parents. He then paid off the loan on his mother’s house so that she could have it back. 

Black Enterprise

4. Rami Malek treated himself to an expresso machine. 

After starring in Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody, some real money started coming in Malek‘s way, who decided to treat himself to an expresso machine. He has admitted to having a bit of caffeine addiction. So why the hell not? 

Marvel Fandom

5. Brad Pitt bought his mother a Craftsman chair.

With his first acting job, Pitt bought his mother a period Craftsman chair and a Frank Lloyd Wright–wannabe lamp. He didn’t mention any specific reason for doing so. Oh, and BTW, he used his second paycheck to buy himself a stereo. 


6. Tom Cruise used his first big paycheck to help his sister get through college. 

Cruise is known to be someone who has always looked after his family. When he received his first acting paycheck, the veteran actor used it to pay for one of his sister’s college fees. 

Close Weekly

7. Henry Cavill bought an Aston Matin DBS with his dad. 

Cavill actually had his eyes on an Audi R8 supercar, but after seeing his father window shopping in the expensive part of the car showroom, the duo went ahead and bought an Aston Martin DBS- a car that James Bond drives. 

Square Mile

8. Matt LeBlanc treated himself to a hot meal from the first big paycheck he got from FRIENDS

It’s a well-known story of how LeBlanc only had $11 left in his pocket when he landed the role of Joey in FRIENDS. It made him so rich that the actor was earning $1 million per episode during the last few seasons. However, when he received his first big paycheck, the actor treated himself to a hot meal, something that he hadn’t been able to afford for a while. 


9. Mark Wahlberg bought himself a Mercedes but couldn’t get insurance. 

Wahlberg has been open about growing up the youngest of 9 children in a bad neighbourhood in Boston. Growing up he had many jobs including an auto mechanic and a car flipper. But after Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch got their first big hit, he bought himself a Mercedes. But he couldn’t get insurance still and the car became a target in the neighbourhood with people cutting open the roof and stealing his radio. 


10. Nicole Kidman bought her parents a washing machine and got herself some good shoes. 

Kidman didn’t do anything out of the ordinary when she got her first big paycheck. She went ahead and bought a washing machine for her parents. And then she treated herself to some new boots. 


Don’t be all judgey now. If you had that kind of money, you would have spent it too.