Shah Rukh Khan has lovers all over the world and their reactions on meeting him or just looking at him through their television screens define this well. From the excitement for his new movies to the joy of re-watching the old ones, we, as his fans, can’t get enough. And, we are not alone.

In the following list, we have mentioned some celebrities who freaked out about being in the presence of Shah Rukh or just talking to him. It all makes sense!

India Times

1. Vijay Varma & Jaideep Ahlawat

In a conference, Vijay Varma, in the most excited manner, revealed that Shah Rukh Khan called the team after watching their latest crime-thriller, Jaane Jaan. Jaideep Ahlawat revealed that Shah Rukh Khan called him and asked “Agar aap busy nahin hain toh thodi baat kar sakte hain? Main Shah Rukh bol raha hoon.” To this, the actor replied that he would be responsible if he got a heart attack. 

2. Sharon Stone

During The Red Sea Film Festival 2022, King Khan and Sharon Stone were sitting next to each other, but, the latter didn’t notice. However, as she turned around when he stood up and took a look at him, she couldn’t help but gasp and tug her heart as she screamed OMG!

3. Taapsee Pannu

In an interview, Taapsee Pannu revealed that she, along with her sister, once went to SRK’s birthday celebration. She went on and said that as soon as he saw her, he told his guests that he’d like them to meet one of the finest actresses. She was stunned and kept looking back, thinking about who was he talking about. SRK then told her, “Bezzatti mat kara, tere baare mein hi baat kar raha hoon.” I mean, anyone would be amused and shocked when SRK compliments them – we can’t blame her.

4. Lady Gaga

We know that actor-musician Lady Gaga is a Shah Rukh Khan fan when she cheers and hoots for the actor as soon as he comes on her television screen. This is basically all of us when we see him on the screen.

5. Aahana Kumra

In a conversation, the Salaam Venky actor, Aahana Kumra revealed that she was once working in a horror series, Betaal, which was produced by Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan. Later, she had an opportunity to meet King Khan and when he introduced himself, she was shocked and said, “Oh my god, that’s Shah Rukh Khan… I did it. I have worked so hard and this person who is the biggest superstar in the country is introducing himself to me and he knows my name.”

6. Isha Talwar

The model-actor, who was featured in Anubhav Sinha’s Article 15, met SRK at the movie’s premiere in 2019. She took to her social media account, posted a picture and wrote, “I’m zoning out next to this guy, Shah Rukh Khan. Seriously!!!! Last night was a fantabulous premiere of Article 15.” How cute, right?


To be honest, we don’t blame these actors for their reactions, do we?