If your phone gallery is not crushing under the weight of pictures that you clicked before going to a shaadi, did you even go to a shaadi?

Situation should be such that if you meet a rishta-worthy person and there is a need for photo exchange, you should have options in every pose and profile. 

We are all guilty of indulging in stuff like this, even the celebrities. They get clicked all the time but shaadi ke pehle if they have gotten ready, they also put up the pictures because who hates some extra validation?

Here are Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif before the Nickyanka reception.

Here’s Janhvi Kapoor before Isha Ambani’s wedding. 

Here’s her sister Khushi before an Ambani pre-wedding event. 

Here’s Karan Johar before some wedding (I have lost track at this point, sorry not sorry).

These celebs are just like us. 

Except, they have a lot of money; enough to afford special lighting and professional photographers to click pictures before they step out. 

Their struggle is to put their pictures before other famous people. Our struggle is asking our friends to take one more picture after we have made them take 100. 

*Ab isko kaise bolun ki mujhe 20 pictures mein se ek bhi pasand nahin aayi?*

So I just act excited and say I like all but need one for ‘safety’. You know? In case I accidentally end up deleting all of them. 

Also, I want my pictures to look no less than celebrities’, so I am gonna pose the fuck out of these shots and the person clicking just has to deal with the stares. 

Celebrities don’t have these issues. Posing is a part of their job; and they don’t have to beg for pictures.

Half our time goes doing that. Ki bhai dedo picures, tum kya karoge unka? Khaoge kya?

And I find it so annoying when people hold back pictures where they look bad. I only care about how I look; it’s an unsaid rule of social media.

Celebrities look good in every picture, so no issues there. 

Basically, they are just like us. 

Shaadi spam is a legit concept and no one can escape it.