We meet so many people who claim to have seen and interacted with ghosts in real life. Whether we believe them or not, we do end up thinking about them, right? 


But are we the only ones who have had such experiences? Well no, because there are a few Bollywood celebs who have allegedly had paranormal encounters while on their sets. 

Ranveer Singh 

While in conversation with the Deccan Chronicle, Ranveer Singh mentioned he encountered the ghost of Bajirao during the shoot of Bajirao Mastani. He mentioned that: 

I had a tough task ahead of me on that day of the shoot and I was praying hard to get it right. There was a black wall on the sets on which some white dust had settled and formed the pattern in the shape of Bajirao’s figure. It had the turban, the eyes, nose, the mooch, and the arms. The resemblance was for all to see.”

Sunny Leone 

Sunny was shooting in a palace in Rajasthan for Splitsvilla when she had an episode of sleep paralysis at night. She mentioned that she had to push herself to wake up and felt as if a presence was holding her down. But when this repeated the third time, she got tired of it and yelled “leave me alone” and things went back to normal. 

Bipasha Basu

While she was shooting at Mukesh Mills (Mumbai) for a movie, she had an eerie experience at the location. 

I was alone in one room and everyone else was in the other room, and each time I had to walk ahead and say the dialogue, it felt like something was stopping me.  

Bipasha was even given some holy water and slept in the vanity van. But what’s spooky is that the next the crew called a pandit for pooja to be on the set who met with an accident after that. Seeing this, they decided against the set and continued the shoot elsewhere. 

Adah Sharma 

Adah and the crew were shooting at the Allerton Castle in Yorkshire for the movie 1920. She shared she was locked in the washroom for 15 minutes when no one was around. Since the toilet was in the basement, there was no network as well. Other than that, she also mentioned that she resembled the wife of the housekeeper who was supposedly haunting the castle. 

Varun Dhawan 

When Varun was in the US shooting for his movie ABCD 2, he was staying in a hotel which is allegedly haunted by the ghost of Frank Sintra. He shared that the doors opened all on its own and he even heard strange noises in the room. 

Janhvi Kapoor 

Janhvi shared that around 10 people who were involved in the shoot of the Ghost Stories fell terribly sick at the same time after the wrap-up. This really spooked her out. 

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Rajkummar Rao 

During the shoot of Stree, the crew was advised to be careful while shooting at haunted places. In conversation with The Indian Express, he mentioned that: 

We were shooting in the night and were given notes that had instructions like do not wear perfumes, girls should not keep their hair open, do not go out all alone, etc. We were shooting at 2:30 or 3 at night once. One of our light boys was sitting 20-30 feet high and suddenly he fell from there and started screaming that someone pushed him. He was hurt and hospitalised for three-four days.

Mahie Gill 

During the shoot for Gangs Of Ghost, Mahie heard some strange noises in the night as per sources. 

At 3 am, there were sounds of furniture being moved, and Soha Ali Khan and I used to think who is doing it. We thought maybe the crew was doing it. But they didn’t do it. 


When Govinda was at a shoot for one of his movies, he went to his hotel room after the shoot was done to get some sleep. But when he woke up in the middle of the night, he saw an old woman was sitting on his chest. Scared, he switched on the lights but she had allegedly disappeared till then. He also observed that his clothes were neatly arranged although he had left them in disarray. 

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Both Nawazuddin and Bipasha felt something paranormal happening on the sets of Aatma. They heard a woman singing during a scene they were shooting. But when they played the scene again, they couldn’t hear the voice. 

Saroj Khan 

When Saroj and her group were staying in a hotel when they could hear as if someone was shifting furniture in the above room. But when they called the reception to complain, they were told there was no room above them. 

Ram Gopal Verma 

During the making of his film, Bhoot, he got so attached to Manjeet who was a ghost in the same movie, that he could see him walking next to his bed, post the shoot at 3 AM. He mentioned that he also heard footsteps even when nobody was around.

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On a side note, do you think the ghosts knows they’re haunting celebrities if they actually had these experiences?