Parenthood is definitely not an easy thing. And TBH women are often expected to be natural nurturers and great parents. But that’s pretty unfair because no one is born knowing how to be a parent!

So, here’s a list of celebs admitting to having parenting fails that they’re not too proud of, but that only goes to show just how normal it is to slip up once in a while. Read on. 

1. Tahira Kashyap

In an interview, Tahira Kashyap recently admitted to forgetting and leaving her son, Viraajveer in a restaurant post a lunch with her friends. And honestly, it’s so refreshing to see a mom admit to such a thing!

I also forgot my child in a restaurant. I did not forget the bag or the bill but I forgot my child. The waiter came running to me and said ‘Maam aap apna baccha bhool gae’ (Maam you forgot your kid).

-Tahira Kashyap told Hindustan Times

2. Neha Dhupia 

During an interview with Kareena Kapoor, Neha Dhupia recalled the time when her husband Angad and her decided to take their 3-month-old daughter Mehr on a drive, but ended up getting inside the car and driving off without her! 

Hum dono baith gaye, and we left! So we left the building and we forgot that hamari beti upar nurse ke saath abhi bhi hai. Coz we’re not used to having our child with us. So we just left for a drive aur hum sea-link tak pauhache and we were like ‘We just left Mehr at home!’

-Neha Dhupa told Kareena Kapoor for What Women Want

3. Mira Rajput

Mira Rajput had posted a video on her IG talking about the time found her torn down and grimy makeup sponge in an inflatable pool. And captioned the post with the hashtags #Kidshappen, #millenialmomfail #sh*thappens, implying that it’s absolutely fine to be a bit of a mess when you’re a mom.  

4. Jennifer Lopez 

Singer and actor Jennifer Lopez has also admitted to her kids picking up some inappropriate language from her own songs. Apparently, her kids loved her song ‘Big Booty.’


5. Julie Bowen

Modern Family star Julie Bowen once said that she forgot a breast pump was still attached to her when she got out of her car to talk to a police officer and ask what the situation was!

6. Mila Kunis 

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have always been refreshingly honest about parenthood. And so, the actor admitted about that one time she thought she was well prepared for a road trip, but soon enough realised that she’d forgotten to strap her daughter Wyatt in with the seat belt. Though, she did pull over and fix that quickly. 

She was being really quiet, and I was like, ‘Oh, let me look in the rearview mirror to make sure everything’s okay. And I look, and she’s happy as can be, but just not nearly strapped in.

-Mila Kunis told Redbook Magazine


7. Halle Berry

The actor briefly lost her daughter while out shopping. She said she panicked on being able to spot her, but soon enough saw her emerge out of nowhere!


Well, it’s only human, parenthood is a journey.