Cersei Lannister is a force to reckon with in the Game of Thrones universe. She might be manipulative, scheming, and devious but one can never question her love for her children. She has slayed a lot of men, women and children on her way to the top and has now announced herself as the Queen of Westeros. 

Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, has performed brilliantly in the six seasons of the show so far. Her eye rolls, her laughter and even the way she holds her wine, Lena has imbibed Cersei’s ways like they were her own. In fact, Lena has had fan encounters where people have abused her because of Cersei’s actions and that’s quite a testament to her performance.

Here are 18 dialogues by Cersei Lannister that were delivered by Lena Headey with such perfection that we hated her for them:

Design credit: Disha Bhanot & Utkarsh Tyagi