It’s amazing how everything else ages but our superstars. And it’s because of  their age resistant chromosomes that we don’t realize how drastically the world around has actually changed!

To put things into perspective, let’s try to recall Shah Rukh Khan’s 2007 blockbuster, Chak De! India .

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While SRK still looks the same, perhaps better, it’s interesting to note what happened to the Chak De girls who once held the hopes of Bollywood.

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These young girls showed a lot of promise and we instantly fell in love with their raw yet heartfelt performances. However, there was one character among them who was loved a tad bit more because of her innocence, honesty and obviously badass Haryanvi accent!

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Yes, Chitrashi Rawat, the actress who played Komal Chautala, the little dynamite from Haryana stood her own among the host of other girls who were not new to facing the camera. And the confidence with which she pulled off the role made her the most loved of the entire star cast of the movie.

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While most of the girls turned out to be one-time wonders, Chitrashi stuck around albeit falling prey to the great Bollywood stereotype. What followed were a slew of roles in movies which either showed her as a badass or Haryanvi.

Some of the prominent roles she landed during the phase:

Shomu in Fashion

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Shortcut in Luck

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And Inspector Jwalamukhi Chautalain popular TV show F.I.R

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Long story short, Chitrashi’s Chak De! hangover continued while the audience moved on to fresher faces.

But what if we tell you that the tomboyish Chitrashi you last saw is nothing compared to what she looks like these days? What if we tell you that she is jabbing her countryside stereotypical image in the face? Well yes, the girl has transformed and how! Seeing is believing we say!

This is how Chitrashi Rawat looks like these days:

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At the end of the day your #soul should be on #fire !!

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Yep, she’s travelling the world and definitely setting our souls on fire!